What is the best attack for TH8?

What is the best attack for TH8?

After air sweeper was introduced, dragon attack has became much more difficult to succeed in getting 3 stars from a TH8 base, thus, making GoWiPe strategy the strongest and most viable clan war attack strategy for TH8. GoWiPe stands for Golem, Wizard and Pekka.

What are the best troops to use for town hall 7?

The Best army to take in TH7 are: 1) 18 Archers, 4 Gaints, 8 Wizards & 26 Hog Riders. Take 3 Heal Spells and as CC Troops also take high-level Hog Riders. 2) 8 Dragons & 4 Ballons with 3 Lightning Spells with High-level Dragon as CC Troops. These two are the best army to take in TH7 100% or 3 Stars Guaranteed.

What troops should I use for town hall 8?

GoHo stands for Golem and Hog riders. This is a simple strategy which will nearly guarantee you a three star on any th8. The army mainly consist of Golems, hogs, wizards. Army composition- 2 Golem ,19 Hog riders ,9 Wizards , 9 Archers ,3 Healing spells ,1 poison spell, Lv5+ hogs in cc and poison.

How many dragons do you need to beat Town Hall 7?

Instead of full Dragons, a Dragon and Archer hybrid army will suffice for a high-end Town Hall 7 opponent. If you have level 2+ Dragons, you only need 7 Dragons; if you have level 1 Dragons, you should make 8 Dragons total.

What is the best army composition at Town Hall 7?

The best army composition at Town Hall 7 for War Battles is to use 10 Dragons. If you want to take on mid-range TH8 players, it is useful to have a Dragon in the Clan Castle and to upgrade your Dragons to level 2. Note: Technically a 25+ Hog Rider army will outperform 10 Dragons, but that is an enormous waste of Dark Elixir.

What is the strongest attack at TH7?

The all dragon attack with lvl 4 lightening strike is the strongest attack at TH7. You can 3 star any TH7 by using 7-10 dragons and 3 level 4 lightning spells. When to Use the All Dragon Attack?

How do you clear town hall 8 with 3 stars?

Town Hall 8 players can be cleared with 3 Stars by TH7 players using Dragons, but certain conditions need to be met for this to be reliable. FIrst off, it helps significantly if the TH7 player has level 2 Dragons. A Dragon in the Clan Castle is very useful as well, but not necessary.

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