What is the best color of megabass Vision 110?

What is the best color of megabass Vision 110?

French Pearl for low light or cloudy and GP pro blue for sunny. Although there are tons of colors, these will cover 99% of conditions. Color is more confidence than performance. My two favorite colors are Sexy Shad and Elgey Bone.

What color jerkbait on cloudy day?

“The Ghost Chartreuse Herring is a killer color for clear water and bright days. It has a little bit of chartreuse on the bottom and it really stands out and is especially good for smallmouth,” says the Connecticut pro. Solid colors or those with flash are best for overcast days.

What does GP stand for in megabass?

“GP,” in this case, stands for “Guanium Phantom,” a subtle, softly reflective layer that is transparent when viewed from the side, but gives off a refined flash at angle. From there, as the water gets a tinge more stain, he’ll turn to models that are half transparent, half flash finishes.

Do jerkbaits work at night?

It’s actually a lot like fishing in the daytime. Crankbaits, jerkbaits and shaky heads can be used to pull fish from around lights with more natural color choices than you would expect to use in areas void of light. Rattles, scents and vibrating baits all up your chances of drawing a fish in at night.

What rod is best for jerkbaits?

The Best JerkBait Rod – Buying Guide and Reviews

  • KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series – Our Pick!
  • Lew’s TP1 Speed Stick.
  • St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod.
  • Shimano Curado Casting Rod.
  • Abu Garcia Ike Signature Casting Rod.
  • KastKing Speed Demon Bass Series.

Are crankbaits good at night?

Whether your fishing during the day or at night, all crankbaits work better if they’re digging bottom. “We fished them on shallow main lake points,” Dave said, “targeting those with stumps near the first drop off. The bass normally would move up onto these areas about an hour or two after dark to feed.”

Can you fish a crankbait at night?

While it is true that surface lures catch a lot of bass after dark, sub-surface baits also are effective because bass don’t leave their favorite deep-water structures if food is available there. They have no trouble zeroing in on a crankbait moving through their dining room, even on the blackest night.

Can you use braid for jerkbaits?

Braided line for jerkbait fishing? Perhaps Roumbanis’ most exciting find this winter has been the effectiveness of braided main line on his jerkbait reel. Although many of us are “trained” to use 8-pound fluorocarbon in every situation, braided line offers several distinct advantages.

What gear ratio is best for jerkbaits?

Jerkbaits: Jerkbait fishing is optimized by using a reel that has a gear ratio of approximately 6.3:1 or slightly higher. This speed reel allows for enough power to straight retrieve deeper diving jerkbaits, but enough speed to take in line slack when going through the jerkbait retrieve cadence.

Can you troll for bass at night?

Surface Trolling Doing this is most effective when water temperatures start to cool off in the evening on a summer night or when summer is winding down towards fall, and things have cooled down a bit. This is when the bass start to come to the surface to feed on the critters that hang out there.

Do buzzbaits work at night?

Fish it at night Nighttime bass are more secure, he adds, therefore they will travel a greater distance to hit a buzzbait than they will during daytime. “That keeps the head, skirt and hook a little deeper underwater, which makes it easier for the fish to eat the bait,” he offers.

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