What is the best sword fight in movie history?

What is the best sword fight in movie history?

10 Best Sword Fights In Movie History

  1. 1 Seven Samurai (1954)
  2. 2 The Three Musketeers (1973)
  3. 3 The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938)
  4. 4 Kill Bill Vol.
  5. 5 Captain Blood (1935)
  6. 6 Rob Roy (1995)
  7. 7 The Mark Of Zorro (1940)
  8. 8 Conan The Barbarian (1982)

Who poisoned Jet Li in Fearless?

Huo Yuanjia

Huo Yuanjia
Huo Yuanjia
Born 18 January 1868 Xiaonanhe Village, Jinghai County, Tianjin, Qing China
Died 9 August 1910 (aged 42) Shanghai, Qing China arsenic poisoning
Native name 霍元甲

Is Moon Blind in Fearless?

While wandering, he is found by a blind girl (Moon) and her grandmother who give him shelter and nurse him back to health. The simple joys of hard work and the women’s open kindness help teach Huo of compassion and loving service.

Who is Master Chin in Fearless?

Chen Zhihui
Chen Zhihui as Qin Lei, a rival martial arts master who was killed by Huo Yuanjia. He is known as Master Chin in the US release.

What is the longest duel in cinematic history?

UberFacts on Twitter: “”Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” holds the record for the longest sword fight in cinematic history.” / Twitter.

How old is Huo Yuanjia?

42 years (1868–1910)
Huo Yuanjia/Age at death

Is Fearless based off a true story?

Many believe it to be a work of fiction, but Jet Li’s character in Fearless is that of Chinese Martial Arts Master and Wushu legend Huo Yuanjia. Huo Yuanjia founded the Jin Wu Sports Federation and is called one of China’s historical sports heroes, and lived from 1868 to 1910.

Is Fearless based on a true story?

How old is Jet Li now?

58 years (April 26, 1963)
Jet Li/Age

Is there a fearless 2?

THE FEARLESS TWO (2019) is the sequel to the martial arts film The Fearless One (2017). This feature continues the events from the first film as Cody (Alonzo Herran Jr.), and Kimberly are now trying to build a productive life together.

What film has the longest fight scene?

The 10 Longest and Awesomest Movie Fight Scenes of All Time

  • 8) Freddy Krueger vs.
  • 7) Nada vs.
  • 6) Final Battle, Legend of Drunken Master.
  • 5) Neo vs.
  • 4) Final Battle, Chinese Connection.
  • 3) The Bride vs.
  • 2) Philo Beddoe vs. Jack Wilson, Any Which Way You Can.
  • 1) Kham vs. Johnny’s Goons, The Protector.


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