What is the Capital Maharaja?

What is the Capital Maharaja?

Since opening it’s doors nine decades ago, CMG has become an integral thread in the fabric of Sri Lankan life. Our numerous partners and subsidiaries supply a diverse array of products and services ranging from PVC piping to Ceylon Tea.

Who owns Capital Maharaja?

Rajandram Rajamahendran
Presently, The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited is owned by Rajandram Rajamahendran, also referred to as R. Rajamahendran, and his son Sashidharan Rajamahendran. R. Rajamahendran owns 0.003 percent of direct shares in the company.

Who is Maharaja in Sri Lanka?

R. Rajamahendran

R. Rajamahendran
Born 19 May 1943 Ceylon
Died 25 July 2021 (aged 78) Colombo, Sri Lanka
Other names Kili Maharaja
Education Royal College, Colombo

Who is Nimal Cooke?

Nimal Cooke, the CEO of Capital Mahraja, who visited the Embassy. The Ambassador and the CEO had a fruitful discussion on the Korea-Sri Lanka economic cooperation.

Who is the owner of Sirasa TV?

Capital Maharaja Group
Sirasa TV is owned by the Sri Lankan business conglomerate, Capital Maharaja Group together with Gregson Holdings Ltd. Since then, another multi-national company – International Media Management – has also invested in MTV. It broadcasts its programs mainly in Sinhala.

Who is the owner of Shakthi TV?

Capital Maharaja
Shakthi TV (Tamil:சக்தி ) is the first Tamil television service of Sri Lanka. It is the number one Tamil station in Sri Lanka….Shakthi TV.

Language(s) Tamil
Owner Capital Maharaja
Sister channels TV One Sirasa TV

Is Kili Maharaja dead?

Sri Lankan Tamil Tycoon Kili Maharaja, Chairman of Maharaja Group has passed away. Sri Lankan Tamil business tycoon R. Rajamahendran (79), the Chairman of The Capital Maharaja Group, has passed away while receiving treatment at a hospital in Colombo.

Who is the owner of derana?

Dilith Jayaweera

Dilith Jayaweera
Occupation Entrepreneur Businessman Attorney-At-Law
Known for Chair, George Steuart Group Chairman – Derana Director – Citrus Leisure PLC, Colombo Land and Development PLC Jt. managing director – Triad (Pvt) Ltd
Website georgesteuart.lk

What is the frequency of Shakthi TV?

05.00 to 00.00
Frequency and coverage Shakthi TV broadcasts on a UHF frequency from 05.00 to 00.00.

Who owns Sirasa?

Who is the chairman of Sirasa?

Rajamahendran, The Chairman Sirasa Media Networks has passed away. R.

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