What is the chemical formula of perchlorate?

What is the chemical formula of perchlorate?


PubChem CID 123351
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula ClO4-
Synonyms Perchlorate PERCHLORATE ION 14797-73-0 UNII-VLA4NZX2P4 VLA4NZX2P4 More…
Molecular Weight 99.45

What is the chemical formula of cadmium?

The resultant diatomic cadmium ion, Cd22+ (where cadmium is in the +1 oxidation state), is unstable in water and immediately disproportionates to cadmium metal and Cd2+. The most important cadmium compound is cadmium oxide, CdO.

What is the formula for sodium perchlorate?

Sodium perchlorate/Formula

Why does cadmium have a 2+ charge?

Re: Most Likely Charge for a Cadmium Atom Because those 2 electrons in the 5s orbital are at higher energy they will be ionized first to leave a full d shell. In most cases a full d shell is a very stable configuration for an atom to adopt.

Why does cadmium have a +2 charge?

Starts here1:43Ionic Charge for Cadmium (Cd) – YouTubeYouTube

What is the name of naclo3?

Sodium chlorate
Sodium chlorate/IUPAC ID

What is the meaning of NaClO4?

sodium perchlorate
Definition of sodium perchlorate : a crystalline salt NaClO4 made usually by electrolysis of sodium chlorate and used chiefly in making other perchlorates and perchloric acid.

What is Cr2O7?

Chromate (Cr2O7(2-))

What color is Cr2O7?

hydrated ions

name formula colour
vanadyl VO^2+ yellow
chrome(III) Cr^3+ green
chromate CrO4^2- yellow
dichromate Cr2O7^2- orange

What is the charge of perchlorate?

Perchlorate is one such compound. Total electrons, and therefore negative charges, outnumber protons, and therefore positive charges, by one. Because of this, perchlorate is said to have a net negative charge.

What is the formula for cadmium nitrite?

Cadmium nitrate/Formula


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