What is the circulation of the Courier-Journal?

What is the circulation of the Courier-Journal?

The Courier-Journal

The July 27, 2005 front page of The Courier-Journal
Type Daily newspaper
Political alignment Whig (formerly)
Headquarters 525 West Broadway Louisville, Kentucky 40201 United States
Circulation 131,208 Daily 224,420 Sunday (as of 2013)

Who started Courier-Journal?

George D. Prentice
The Journal was an organ of the Whig Party, founded and edited by George D. Prentice, a New Englander who initially came to Kentucky to write a biography of Henry Clay. Prentice would edit the Journal for more than 40 years.

What is the phone number for The Courier-Journal?

You can update your delivery address by visiting account.courier-journal.com/delivery-address/, clicking the chat button below, or calling Customer Service at 1-800-866-2211.

Is the Courier Journal closing?

The Courier Journal will now be printed and trucked in from Indianapolis. Its current printing presses, opened in 2004, will be closed and dismantled. “It’s the end of an era,” News Director Mike Trautmann said.

What is Kentucky’s biggest newspaper?

The biggest Newspaper according to circulation is LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL and serving city is LOUISVILLE. The Smallest newspaper in Kentucky state is ROBERTSON COUNTY MERCURY and circulation city is MOUNT OLIVET.

When did the Courier Journal start?

The Courier-Journal/First issue date
It was founded in 1868 by a merger of the Louisville Courier and the Louisville Journal brought about by Henry Watterson, The Courier-Journal’s first editor, who also became a part owner.

How do I contact Lexington Herald Leader?

Please visit the Subscription Service Center or call 1-800-999-8881.

Who is the editor of the Courier Journal?

Mary Irby-Jones, a veteran journalist who stresses community outreach, was named the top editor of The Courier Journal on Tuesday. She said it will be an “honor” to become executive editor of the news organization, which has earned 11 Pulitzer Prizes, including one for breaking news in 2020.

How do I place an ad in The Courier Journal?

Q: How do I place a classified ad in the paper? A: To place an ad by phone, please contact us at 502-582-2622 or visit our Classifieds Self Service portal. Q: Who do I contact for general questions about classified ads? A: Please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer your question.

Where is the Courier published?

The Courier (known as The Courier & Advertiser between 1926 and 2012) is a newspaper published by DC Thomson in Dundee, Scotland.

How much is the Lexington Herald Leader?

Currently, the Lexington Herald-Leader’s website is free of charge. The print edition of the newspaper costs $1, except on Sundays.

Where is Lexington Herald Leader printed?

Lexington Herald-Leader

The June 1, 2012 front page of the Lexington Herald-Leader
Type Daily newspaper
Founded 1870 (as the Lexington Daily Press)
Headquarters 100 Midland Avenue Lexington, Kentucky 40508 United States
Circulation 55,833 Daily 63,458 Sunday (as of 2013)

When did the Courier-Journal start printing the Louisville Times?

The Courier-Journal founded a companion afternoon edition of the paper, The Louisville Times, in May 1884.

Is Courier Journal owned by USA Today?

It is owned by Gannett and billed as “Part of the USA Today Network “. According to the 1999 Editor & Publisher International Yearbook, the paper is the 48th-largest daily paper in the United States. The Courier-Journal was created from the merger of several newspapers introduced in Kentucky in the 19th century.

Who was the first editor of the Courier-Journal?

In 1868, an ailing Prentice persuaded the 28-year-old Henry Watterson to come edit for the Journal. During secret negotiations in 1868, The Journal and the Courier merged and the first edition of The Courier-Journal was delivered to Louisvillians on Sunday morning, November 8, 1868. Editorial staff of The Courier-Journal, 1868.

What was the Courier-Journal during the Watterson era?

Watterson era. The Courier-Journal founded a companion afternoon edition of the paper, The Louisville Times, in May 1884. In 1896, Watterson and Haldeman opposed Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan over his support of ” Free Silver ” coinage. This unpopular decision upset readers and advertisers,…

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