What is the definition of seniority system?

What is the definition of seniority system?

A “seniority system” is an employment system that allots to employees rights and benefits according to the length of their employment.

What are 2 synonyms for hierarchy?

synonyms for hierarchy

  • pecking order.
  • ranking.
  • echelons.
  • grouping.
  • position.
  • pyramid.
  • scale.
  • chain of command.

What are some antonyms for seniority?

antonyms for seniority

  • disadvantage.
  • inferiority.

What is another term for seniority?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for seniority. precedence, preference, prerogative, privilege.

How seniority is determined?

Seniority is used as a means of gauging the relative status of one employee with respect to another based on length of service. Collective bargaining agreements usually calculate seniority by total length of service, sometimes with consideration for length of service within a particular craft or department.

What is meant by hierarchical system?

A hierarchical system or organization is one in which people have different ranks or positions, depending on how important they are. the traditional hierarchical system of military organization.

What is a synonym for social hierarchy?

A system of ordering society based on perceived social or economic status. class. caste. rank. group.

What is the synonym of seniority?

What is the synonym and antonym of seniority?

seniority. Antonyms: juniority, inferiority, posteriority, subordination. Synonyms: eldership, priority, superiority.

What is the status synonym?

standing, rank, ranking, position, social position, station, level, footing, place. repute, reputation, estimation, stature. archaic condition, degree, report.

What is work seniority?

Seniority is a privileged rank based on your continuous employment with a company. In a seniority-based system, people who stay at the same company for long periods of time are rewarded for their loyalty. A company may use seniority to make certain decisions and merit-based systems for other decisions.

Does seniority mean priority?

Seniority means a precedence of position, especially precedence over others of the same rank by reason of a longer span of service.

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