What is the difference between a Yas 280 and Yas 480?

What is the difference between a Yas 280 and Yas 480?

YTS 280 and 480 are different league players, and not only for name&price. 480 is head and shoulders ahead in terms of sound richness and dynamic range. Not to mention overall stable and pleasant feel you get handling 480 compared to 280.

Are Yamaha saxophones any good?

The proof of their quality is that four decades later, they are still one of the most popular and recommended saxophones on the market. Yamaha, though, does not just accept the fact they have created a great instrument. They are always looking for ways to improve it, to make it better for the players.

When did Yamaha start making saxophones?

1967. The first Yamaha branded saxophones, YAS-1 and YTS-1 were launched.

What is the best saxophone to learn on?

alto saxophone
The alto saxophone is by far far the most popular choice when it comes to learning saxophone – especially for younger players who might find the tenor too heavy.

Which sax should I buy?

Most people will start learning on an alto or tenor saxophone. If you are a younger player, under age 10 – 12, or physically slight, an alto sax will be best as it will be lighter and easier to manage. If you are older or physically stronger, then you may be able to chose either alto or tenor.

Where are Yas 280 saxophones made?

1 thought on “YAMAHA YAS-280 Saxophone Review” Because I have one (s/n M21566) that clearly has “Made in Japan” under the s/n (which is under “YAS-280”).

Where are Yamaha saxophones made?

It’s made in Indonesia. The sax is stamped made in Indonesia. It’s sold by Yamaha Japan for the EU/Asian market.

Where is the Yamaha YAS 62iii made?

All professional items from Yamaha are made in Japan. The YAS-62 belongs to the pro-line.

What is the best saxophone for an adult beginner?

Top 10 Best Beginner Saxophones of 2021 Reviews

  • Kaizer Alto Saxophone E Flat.
  • Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone.
  • Selmer SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone.
  • Yamaha YAS-26 Standard Alto Saxophone.
  • Jupiter Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone.
  • Prelude Student Model AS711 Alto Saxophone.
  • Etude EAS-100 Student Alto Saxophone.

How does the Yamaha 275 compare to the yas25?

Side-by-side with the YAS25, the 275’s action feels a bit slicker – though this can be down to something as simple as the profile of the key pearls fitted. The pads used are of reasonable quality, though I have long had an issue with the relative size of the low D and C key cups in relation to the corresponding tone holes.

What is the difference between a YAS-21 and a YAS-23?

The YAS-21 has a removable bell, the YAS-23 has a soldered bell-bow connection.) The YAS-23 starts in 1979/1980 and the YAS-21 has a removable bell and the YAS-23 has a soldered bell-bow connection.

What is the difference between a Yamaha YAS-21 and a Yamaha Vito?

The Yamaha YAS-21 serials match the Vito YAS-21 serials up until 1980 when the Yamaha YAS-23 is introduced but the Vitos still use YAS-21 parts until 1989 when the Vitos start using YAS-23 parts nearly 10 years after Yamaha introduced the YAS-23.

Is the Yamaha YAS-23 worth it?

Yamaha is a brand that has a long-standing reputation for quality, and both the YAS-23 and YAS-26 are fine examples of this lineage. Truly, either model would be perfect for anyone from a beginning student, to a pro looking for a back-up horn.

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