What is the difference between Akurum and sektion?

What is the difference between Akurum and sektion?

The holes drilled along the sides of AKURUM cabinets were made to allow for varied sizes of drawers and shelves that fit into very few combination choices. SEKTION cabinets on the other hand, were built to be more modular and versatile by allowing interesting combinations like drawers inside of drawers.

Can you put sektion doors on Akurum cabinets?

Two of the ways the systems differ is cabinet/door sizing and upgraded hardware, so Sektion doors won’t fit on Akurum cabinets.

What are the old IKEA kitchen cabinets called?

The IKEA AKURUM kitchen was discontinued in early 2015 with door fronts for the cabinet system being discontinued in October, 2015. After nearly 20 years in the market AKURUM doors had vanished to coincide with the release of the new SEKTION system taking its place.

Is IKEA replacing sektion?

Quick Facts: IKEA is replacing its popular kitchen cabinets with a new system, SEKTION. It will not be compatible with AKURUM, the current cabinet system.

Can you mix Knoxhult and sektion?

You can make your KNOXHULT kitchen unique in many of the same ways you can a SEKTION kitchen. First, you can combine the units in any formation that suits your needs, whether you want an L-shaped corner design or a galley kitchen.

What is Enhet kitchen?

A kitchen built to last Change doors, mix colours, and combine open and closed storage to create a kitchen that is uniquely you. The ENHET kitchen comes with a 10-year guarantee.

What is IKEA Knoxhult?

KNOXHULT series KNOXHULT kitchen products are like building blocks for your kitchen. We’ve combined wall and base cabinets with doors and countertops, so you can combine what you want and create a complete kitchen. Just pick the finishing touches like handles, knobs and your dream appliances!

Are IKEA akurum door front kitchens still available?

After two decades of reliable service, the Akurum kitchen was discontinued in February to coincide with the launch of Sektion, and as of October 2015, there are no longer any official Ikea Akurum door fronts. At all.

What is the difference between akurum and Sektion cabinets?

“In the AKURUM system, the base cabinet width dictated the drawer configuration,” Dan notes. “Narrower cabinets could have either three or four drawers, while the wider cabinets only came with four drawers. The heights of the drawers were arbitrarily fixed.” “On the other hand, SEKTION drawer fronts come in four heights: 5″, 10″, 15″ and 20.

How many akurum kitchens are there in the United States?

Semihandmade estimates that there are more than one million Akurum kitchens in homes all across North America, and all of them are out of luck if they need to replace water damaged doors or if they just want to update their style. Cue the Superman theme because Semihandmade is here to save the day.

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