What is the difference between proofreading and revising?

What is the difference between proofreading and revising?

Students often use the terms revision and proofreading interchangeably, but they are actually different processes. Revision deals with organization, audience, and focus. Proofreading deals with surface errors. Reading for the big picture and trying to see your writing as readers see it.

What are revision strategies for writing?

Creating a Revision StrategyWhen editing, tackle big changes (moving paragraphs, deleting sections, adding new material) before making small changes (grammar, spelling, citation formats).Many writers take multiple passes at a piece of writing, checking different aspects on each pass.

What are the two levels of revision?

But to help us talk about revision, we’re going to distinguish three levels:Reseeing or rethinking: changing what a piece says, or its “bones”Reworking or reshaping: changing how a piece says it, or changing its.Copyediting or proofreading for mechanics and usage: checking for devia-Andrea Wanw,

How do you write a revision lesson plan?

How to teach revisingExplain the revising process explicitly: provide specific, meaningful goals for the revision and/or clearly identify the audience. Model the strategy with think-alouds. Provide guided practice with feedback. Gradually work toward independent mastery by students.

What makes a good revision lesson?

A successful approach to revision needs to be deeply rooted in subject knowledge, and sustained over time, so subject teachers need to explicitly teach the strategy, model it, and offer guided practice before we expect our students to use them effectively.

How do you do a quick revision?

19 quick revision tips for studentsStart Revising Early. You can’t rush effective revision. Prioritise And Plan Your Revision. Make A Revision Schedule. Make A To-Do List. Reward Yourself. Invest In Stationery. Take Regular Breaks From Revision. Don’t Get Distracted From Revision.

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