What is the English meaning of piscine?

What is the English meaning of piscine?

Definition of piscine : of, relating to, or characteristic of fish.

What is the archaic meaning of a word?

If you use the adjective archaic you are referring to something outmoded, belonging to an earlier period. The adjective archaic means something that belongs to an earlier or antiquated time. It can also mean something that is outdated but can still be found in the present and therefore could seem out of place.

What does the word swamp mean?

1 : a wetland often partially or intermittently covered with water especially : one dominated by woody vegetation. 2 : a tract of swamp. 3 : a difficult or troublesome situation or subject.

What do you mean by Honeycomb?

1 : a mass of hexagonal wax cells built by honeybees in their nest to contain their brood and stores of honey. 2 : something that resembles a honeycomb in structure or appearance especially : a strong lightweight cellular structural material. honeycomb.

What is the gender of piscine?

French Words on Instagram: “ Piscine ( feminine word) | Swimming pool | /pi.

What piscine 42?

The Piscine (from the French word for “swimming pool”) is the last phase before full admission to the 42 Wolfsburg program. It’s 4 weeks long, designed to gear you up to learn the basics of programming with peers like you.

Is archaic a bad word?

Archaic does not mean out-of-fashion. It refers to words or usages that have not been used in contemporary speech or writing for centuries.

Does archaic mean old?

Archaic means extremely old or extremely old-fashioned.

Is a swamp a wetland?

A swamp is any wetland dominated by woody plants. There are many different kinds of swamps, ranging from the forested Red Maple, (Acer rubrum), swamps of the Northeast to the extensive bottomland hardwood forests found along the sluggish rivers of the Southeast.

What are swamps used for?

Well, swamps serve a very important role in flood protection by storing excess runoff water and often act as a natural water treatment facility, filtering water through its dense vegetation. They prove to be an essential part of our ecosystem housing a variety of vegetation and animals-some endangered.

What is honeycomb in civil engineering?

Honeycomb is the rough pitted surface or voids in concrete formed due to improper compaction or incomplete filling of the concrete. In this formation, concrete not filled properly and create gaps/voids in between concrete and aggregates ( As shown in the above image).

What is another word for honeycomb?

What is another word for honeycomb?

beeswax candlewax
wax crude wax

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