What is the equivalence point of acetic acid and NaOH titration?

What is the equivalence point of acetic acid and NaOH titration?

As you know, acetic acid and sodium hydroxide neutralize each other in a 1:1 mole ratio to produce acetate anions, the conjugate base of the weak acid, and water.

What happens when sodium hydroxide is added to acetic acid?

Acetic acid, CH3COOH, will react with sodium hydroxide, NaOH, to produce sodium acetate, CH3COONa, and water. The unbalanced chemical equation that describes this neutralization reaction.

Is phenolphthalein a good indicator for acetic acid and NaOH?

In the titration of acetic acid with aqueous NaOH, phenolphthalein is used as the indicator. Phenolphthalein is nearly colorless in acidic solution, but turns pink at a pH of about 8. This indicates that the base has neutralized all the acid.

How do you titrate acetic acid?

Procedure to titrate the acetic acid in vinegar: Add 2 drops of phenolphthalein indicator to the vinegar. Rinse a clean 50.00 mL burette (buret) with standardised 1.00 mol L-1 aqueous sodium hydroxide solution. Fill the burette (buret) with this standardised 1.00 mol L-1 NaOH(aq).

How do you measure acetic acid in vinegar?

The acetic acid content of a vinegar may be determined by titrating a vinegar sample with a solution of sodium hydroxide of known molar concentration (molarity). At the end point in the titration stoichiometry between the both solution lies in a 1:1 ratio. Pour 1.5 ml of vinegar in an Conical flask.

Does sodium acetate react with NaOH?

Sodium acetate undergoes decarboxylation to form methane (CH4) under forcing conditions (pyrolysis in the presence of sodium hydroxide): CH3COONa + NaOH → CH4 + Na2CO. Calcium oxide is the typical catalyst used for this reaction.

How much NaOH does it take to neutralize acetic acid?

One way to determine the exact concentration of acid in a solution is to use a technique called an acid-base titration. This balanced chemical equation indicates that 1 mole of NaOH is needed to completely neutralize 1 mole of CH3COOH.

Which indicator is used in the titration of NaOH and CH3COOH?

A suitable indicator for the titration of the weak acid CH3COOH(aq) and the strong base NaOH(aq) would be either thymol blue (pH range 8.0 – 9.6) or phenolphthalein (pH range 8.3 – 10.0).

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