What is the firehouse number on Chicago Fire?

What is the firehouse number on Chicago Fire?

Firehouse 51 is technically fictitious, but like the other Chicago shows, it is often filmed on location. For continuity and realism purposes, the production team uses a real Chicago fire station for filming. The fire station, Engine 18, is located on the Near West Side of Chicago.

Is fire house 51 real?

The show explores the lives, both professional and personal, of the firefighters, rescue personnel and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department at the fictional Firehouse 51, home of the fictional Engine Company 51, Truck Company 81, Rescue Squad Company 3, Battalion 25 and Ambulance 61.

How do you call the Chicago Fire Department?


  1. Phone: 312.745.3705. Toll Free: Fax: 312.745.4189.
  2. 3510 Michigan floor 2. Chicago Public Safety Building. Chicago, IL 60653. Get Directions.
  3. Leadership. Annette Nance-Holt. Fire Commissioner.

Is Molly’s a real bar in Chicago Fire?

Molly’s Pub The preferred hang-out of the Firehouse 51 crew is a real bar in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Molly’s has been a fixture on the series since season one, and those scenes were originally shot inside Lottie’s Pub at 1924 W. Cortland St.

Who is the chief of station 51?

Wallace Boden. Chief Wallace Boden (season 1 – present) is in charge of Battalion 25 stationed at Firehouse 51. He is a scarred veteran of the fire department and served with Benny Severide and Henry Mills, the fathers of his subordinates, Kelly Severide and Peter Mills, respectively.

Does Chicago Fire burn real buildings?

Do they use real fire on ‘Chicago Fire’? One thing you’ve probably wondered when you’re watching Chicago Fire is if they use real fire during scenes. The answer is, yes, real fire is used on the set.

Who is the real firefighter on Chicago Fire?

Actor Bio. Actor Joe Minoso is best known for his role as Joe Cruz on NBC’s hit drama “Chicago Fire.” “Chicago Fire” follows the firefighters and paramedics working Firehouse 51 of the Chicago Fire Department as they risk their lives to save and protect citizens.

What is truck 81 in Chicago fire?

Truck Company 81 (commonly called Truck 81) is the secondary apparatus assigned to Firehouse 51. The original rig was a 1996 Seagrave Marauder equipped with a 100′ rear-mount ladder, space for other equipment and seating for up to eight firefighters. The truck is staffed by 4-5 firefighters.

How do I get a Chicago Fire Report?

Fire or EMS reports can be obtained at North Chicago Fire headquarters at 1850 Lewis Ave. North Chicago (at the corner of Argonne and Lewis) Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. An ID is required to obtain copies.

What is squad on Chicago Fire?

Squad – A special operations apparatus that carries tools and equipment for heavy rescue.

How do I contact the Chicago Fire Department?

Fire. Phone: 312.745.3705 Toll Free: Fax: 312.745.4189 3510 Michigan floor 2 Chicago Public Safety Building Chicago, IL 60653 Get Directions; Leadership Annette Nance-Holt Fire Commissioner

Where is the firehouse from Chicago Fire located?

The building used in the show for the firehouse exteriors is a working Chicago Fire Department firehouse, and is the headquarters of Engine 18, located at 1360 South Blue Island Avenue at Maxwell Street, between 13th & Racine.

What is the Chicago Fire Department (CFD)?

The Chicago Fire Department (CFD) – promotes fire safety, provides emergency care, and extinguishes fires. The CFD is the largest fire department in the midwest, and one of the nation’s largest departments throughout the United States. It’s also one of the oldest major organized fire departments, established before 1833.

How many seasons of Chicago Fire are there?

Chicago Fire is an American drama television series created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas with Dick Wolf as an executive producer. It is the first installment of Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise. The series premiered on NBC on October 10, 2012. On February 27, 2020, NBC renewed the series for a ninth, tenth and eleventh season.

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