What is the function of a mortarboard?

What is the function of a mortarboard?

a board, usually square, used by masons to hold mortar. Also called cap. a cap with a close-fitting crown surmounted by a stiff, flat, square piece from which a tassel hangs, worn as part of academic costume.

Can I decorate my graduation cap?

While graduation cap decoration may be fun at times, it is extremely important that you avoid anything that is inappropriate. You want to show pride in yourself as well as your accomplishments. Don’t decorate your cap with any inappropriate items or words that may cost you walking in line to receive your diploma.

Where is a mortarboard worn?

The mortarboard should be positioned so that its point faces the middle of the forehead. When viewed from above, it should create a diamond shape, not a square. Also, the mortarboard should be horizontal (parallel) to the floor. Imagine it to be a flat surface on which a cup or book can be placed.

How do I measure my head for a mortarboard?

Mortarboard and bonnet sizes are based on the circumference of the wearer’s head measured around the widest part of the head, just above the eyebrows.

Why is it called a mortarboard?

The term for the modern cap, mortarboard, stems from its resemblance to a mason’s square board for carrying mortar. Modern students have found a way to personalize the uniform dress: They decorate the tops of their caps.

What is mortarboard and tassel?

One of the signature symbols of graduation is the traditional cap and tassel, also known as a mortar board. The graduation mortar board comes with a button to hold your tassel in place. The mortarboard tassels, made from individual strands of high quality fabric, is deeply embedded in the traditions of graduation.

What does a mortarboard look like?

A classic mortarboard consists of a cap that is attached to a hard, flat square of material. Classically, mortarboards are designed in the same color as the rest of the wearer’s academic regalia, so they are typically black.

Why do only female graduates wear caps?

It is thought that women wear the graduation cap as a symbol of the end of their education, it is now “capped”. Men are expected to remove hats in places of worship, as a mark of respect and to avoid “dishonouring” his head, while women are required to remain covered during acts of worship.

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