What is the greatest AC/DC song of all time?

What is the greatest AC/DC song of all time?

The 50 Greatest AC/DC Songs Ever 1. Thunderstruck. Introduced by an electrifying Angus Young riff – he said recently that he’ll retire when he can no… 2. Whole Lotta Rosie. When Classic Rock ’s Geoff Barton launched a new heavy metal magazine in 1981 – named, of course,… 3. Highway to Hell.

What AC/DC songs have never been played live?

Oddly, it has never been played live, although, given that AC/DC sets tend consist of three tracks from the new album, plus the setlist from 1980, maybe that’s not surprising. 30. Jailbreak (1976) Only Scott would have considered opening a single with the line, “There was a friend of mine on murder, and the judge’s gavel fell …”

Did AC/DC ever write a pop song?

AC/DC cracked the seal on the ’90s with one of the best riffs of their career. That would be “Thunderstruck,” the opening track on The Razors Edge. In addition to “Thunderstruck,” the band brought out “Moneytalks,” probably the closest they ever came to writing a pop song.

What was AC/DC’s first album in Australia?

40. Soul Stripper (1975) In their infancy, AC/DC weren’t tied to one style. Their first Australian album even featured this intriguing example of a kind of troglodytic hard-rock funk, with cowbells and bongos, neither of which were to become staples of the Akker Dakker sound. 39. Rock’n’Roll Train (live, 2012)

What was AC/DC’s last album?

Play Ball (2014) The lead single from – to date – the last AC/DC album, assembled from Angus and Malcolm Young’s offcuts: the one song from Rock or Bust that really sounded like it might have fitted on to Back in Black without too many raised eyebrows. 36. Bedlam in Belgium (1983)

Who plays AC/DC’s Thunderstruck?

Finnish band called Steve’n’Seagulls plays AC/DC’s awesome song called Thunderstruck. Recorded by Jaakko Manninen Photography. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bro…

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