What is the instrument used in Star Trek song?

What is the instrument used in Star Trek song?

The theremin
The theremin (/ˈθɛrəmɪn/; originally known as the ætherphone/etherphone, thereminophone or termenvox/thereminvox) is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer). It is named after its inventor, Leon Theremin, who patented the device in 1928.

What was the Star Trek theme song played on?

This video is about Darryl Kubian playing the original Star Trek Theme on Theremin with the NJ Symphony Orchestra.

Who composed Star Trek music?

Jerry Goldsmith
Fred Steiner
Star Trek: The Motion Picture/Music composed by
Academy Award-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith was one of Hollywood’s busiest and most honored musical talents. Goldsmith’s compositions have virtually defined the musical personality of Star Trek since the debut of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” in 1979.

What instrument plays Dr Who theme?

And one of the definite highlights was when Whittaker managed to display an impressive rendition of Doctor Who’s iconic theme on the theremin, playing the central melody of the famous tune after fellow guest Lady Gaga had tried it before her.

Who sang original Star Trek?

Alexander Courage
Gene Roddenberry
Theme From “Star Trek”/Artists
Loulie Jean Norman (12 March 1913 – 2 August 2005; age 92) was the soprano who sang the wordless accompaniment to the theme music of Star Trek: The Original Series. Her voice can also be heard in eerie music that accompanies the Talosians’ illusions in “The Cage”, also composed by Alexander Courage.

What instrument is used in the Doctor Who theme?

Are pianos string instruments?

Inside a piano, there are strings, and there is a long row of uniformly rounded felt-covered hammers. So, the piano also falls into the realm of percussion instruments. As a result, today the piano is generally considered to be both a stringed and a percussion instrument.

What is coloratura soprano in music?

A coloratura soprano is a type of operatic soprano voice that specializes in music that is distinguished by agile runs, leaps and trills. The term coloratura refers to the elaborate ornamentation of a melody, which is a typical component of the music written for this voice.

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