What is the Le Bal in Paris?

What is the Le Bal in Paris?

Le Bal des Débutantes, also known simply as “le Bal” (or, previously, the “Crillon Ball”), is a debutante ball and fashion event held annually in November in Paris, bringing together between 20 and 25 debutantes aged 16 to 22 from many countries, together with their parents and a similar number of young men.

How do I get invited to Le Bal?

There are several other criteria a prospective debutante must meet to get a coveted invite to Le Bal. Debutantes selected to take part in Le Bal often have a “certain profile” and are scouted years in advance. “Usually they’re good students, they’re hardworking and they’re interested in charity,” Renouard said.

How much does Le Bal cost?

Families pay $14,000 per table and often up to $10,000 for the girl’s dress. However, the crème de la crème of débutante balls is “Le Bal” in Paris.

What is the purpose of Le Bal?

In 1994, Ophélie Renouard invented a modern version that she named “le Bal”. Its purpose is to raise money for Charities to help young women.

Who gets invited to Le ball?

It is an invite-only ball. As per reports, Renouard personally invites the debs, aged 16 to 22, from a list of potential candidates. The invitees are a mix of top-notch industrialists, royalty and celebrities. Renouard and her team personally study each case before contacting them.

Who has attended Le Bal?

Notable débutantes include Lily Collins, Isha Ambani, and Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer. In recent years, attendees have included members of Filipino society families like the Zobels, Madrigals, and more. Here are eight Filipinos who made their debut at Le Bal des Débutantes.

Who is Ophelie Renouard?

Ophélie Renouard is the Parisian PR supremo behind the world-famous Crillon Ball. Her policy of mixing royalty with rock ‘n’ roll has given the traditional debs’ coming-out event a cool modern edge. With her immaculate blond bob, dainty figure and effortless dress sense, she appears every inch a Parisian.

What is the most prestigious debutante ball?

The International Debutante Ball
The International Debutante Ball is considered one of the most prestigious debutante balls in the world.

Is Le Bal a big deal?

Le Bal is considered to be a high fashion event, and one of the ‘Hottest Parties’ of the year. Le Bal supports various charitable causes, and makes donations to them every year. Famous participants from India have been Ananya Panday, Shanaya Kapoor, and Maharaja Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur.

Which Indians went to Le Bal?

Princesses from Indian royal families like Akshita Bhanjdeo, Adishree Singh and Gauravi Kumari have also made stunning appearances at le Bal des Debutantes in Paris.

Who attended Le Bal 2019?

In 2019, le Bal celebrated its 25th Anniversary, with French Royal Princess Louise d’Orléans, Stella, the daughter of legendary actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, the Latino twins Cristina and Victoria Iglesias, along with American Royalty Kayla Rockefeller and Araminta Mellon, and Shanaya Kapoor, from the Bollywood dynasty.

Who all have gone to Le Bal from India?

Le Bal alumnus include Bee Shaffer, Lauren Bush, Dree Hemmingway, Princess Gauravi Kumari of Jaipur, HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur, Delphine Arnault and Ananya Panday—who introduced Le Bal to Shanaya Kapoor.

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