What is the longest Tunnel in Greece?

What is the longest Tunnel in Greece?

T2 Tunnel
The T2 Tunnel (Greek: Σήραγγα Τ2), officially Marinos Antypas–Rigas Feraios Tunnel (Greek: Σήραγγα Μαρίνου Αντύπα–Ρήγα Φεραίου) is a 6-kilometre (3.7 mi) highway twin tunnel on the Motorway 1 in Greece. It is the longest road tunnel in South-east Europe….T2 Tunnel (Greece)

No. of lanes 2×2

What is the longest tunnel in the world?

The Gotthard Base Tunnel
The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the world’s longest and deepest tunnel. It runs under the Swiss alps between the towns of Erstfeld in the north and Bodio in the south. The tunnel is 57 km long and reaches a depth of 2,300 meters.

What is the longest road in Greece?

Its length is around 220 km (140 mi), making it the second-longest national highway of Greece….Greek National Road 9.

National Road 9
Regions West Greece, Peloponnese
Major cities Patras, Pyrgos, Kyparissia, Pylos
Highway system
National Roads in Greece

What is the longest tunnel in Europe?

Gotthard Base Tunnel
Europe is host to some of the largest tunnels in the whole world and today, we’re going to take a look at just a few of them! Gotthard Base Tunnel – The Tunnel that travels beneath the Swiss Alps, it is currently the world’s largest rail and road tunnel spanning over 151.840 km beneath the Alps.

Which country has the longest tunnel?

The World’s Longest Road Tunnel – Laerdal Tunnel, Norway.

Is there an underwater tunnel in Tokyo?

The Aqualine consists of a 9.5-km shield tunnel (the Tokyo Bay Tunnel) and a 4.4-km bridge from an artificial island to the Kisarazu landing. The tunnel diameter is the world’s largest for an underwater shield tunnel used for motor vehicle traffic.

Which country has longest tunnel?

Which country has the most tunnels?

Norway, which is considered the world’s leader in tunnelling, has a whopping 900 tunnels, including the world’s longest road tunnel.

Which country has underwater tunnel?

The underwater tunnel connecting Denmark to Sweden is in fact the world’s longest one used for rail and road transport, extending for over 8 km. Even more astonishing than the length is its cleverness. This underground tunnel is in fact part of the large Øresund bridge that connects Copenhagen to Malmö.

Where is the longest road tunnel in Europe?

The Lærdal Tunnel (Norwegian: Lærdalstunnelen) is a 24.51-kilometre-long (15.23 mi) road tunnel connecting the municipalities of Lærdal and Aurland in Vestland county, Norway, and located approximately 175–200 kilometres (109–124 mi) northeast of Bergen.

Is there a tunnel under Tokyo Bay?

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