What is the meaning of Avalon by Roxy Music?

What is the meaning of Avalon by Roxy Music?

ultimate romantic fantasy place
Avalon is part of the King Arthur legend and is a very romantic thing, when King Arthur dies, the Queens ferry him off to Avalon, which is sort of an enchanted island. It’s the ultimate romantic fantasy place.”

Who is the female singer on Avalon?

Yanick Étienne
Yanick Étienne is a Haitian singer and backing vocalist. She performed backing vocals on the hit song, “Avalon” by Roxy Music in 1982. She is the mother of rapper and producer Dernst Emile II, better known as D’Mile.

Who wrote Avalon Roxy Music?

Bryan Ferry

Who sang on Roxy Music Avalon?

Roxy Music

When did Roxy Music release Avalon?

May 28, 1982
Avalon/Release date

Who played sax on Avalon?

Andy Mackay
Avalon — recorded by the core trio of singer Bryan Ferry, guitarist Phil Manzanera, and saxophonist/oboist Andy Mackay — was devoid of the camp and irony that partly defined the first five Roxy albums, and instead went for something quite accessible and mature, while still serving as a vehicle for songwriter Ferry’s …

Who wrote Love is the drug?

Love Is The Drug/Composers

Who is Bryan Ferry’s wife?

Amanda Sheppardm. 2012–2014
Lucy Birleym. 1982–2003
Bryan Ferry/Wife

In 2009, Ferry began a relationship with Amanda Sheppard, an acquaintance of one of his sons, and on 4 January 2012, they married in a private ceremony on the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Who covers more than this?

American alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs released a successful cover version in 1997 which peaked at No. 25, and British singer Emmie released cover that reached No….More Than This (Roxy Music song)

“More Than This”
Length 4:30 (album version) 4:10 (7-inch single version)
Label Polydor Warner Bros. E.G. Atco
Songwriter(s) Bryan Ferry

Who recorded more than this?

More Than This/Artists

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