What is the meaning of comprar in English?

What is the meaning of comprar in English?

British English: buy /baɪ/ VERB. If you buy something, you obtain it by paying money for it.

What is the opposite of comprar?

opposite de enfrente contrario
of de
comprar no direct translation

What is ayudar?

The verb ayudar is a regular -ar verb. It can be used to talk about how, who, or when you will help. It is often used with the personal a or with a preposition like con. It can also be used with object pronouns like me or nos. We learned the present, preterite, and subjunctive tenses of this verb.

What is the conjugation of comprar?

Comprar Conjugation: Present Tense

yo compro
él/ella compra
nosotros/as compramos
vosotros/as compráis

What is the opposite of hablar?

Spanish Antonyms as Verbs

Spanish English
Hablar – callar To speak – to silence
Unir – separar To join – to separate
Liberar – oprimir To liberate – to oppress
Buscar – encontrar To search – to hide

What does it mean escribe?

/ (ɪˈskraɪb) / verb. (tr) to draw (a circle) so that it is tangential to one side of a triangle and to the other two sides produced.

Who is newcomer?

: a person who has recently arrived somewhere or who has recently started a new activity. : something new that has recently been added or created. See the full definition for newcomer in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is meaning of Kamar in English?

waist countable noun. Your waist is the middle part of your body, above your hips. waist countable noun. The waist of a garment such as a dress or pair of trousers is the part of it which covers the middle part of your body. /kamara, kamar, kmara, kmar, kamra, kamr, kmra, kmr/

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