What is the meaning of Mrichchhakatika?

What is the meaning of Mrichchhakatika?

a clay cart
Dolls are mentioned in the ancient Indian literature. A Sanskrit play by Shudraka is named as Mrichchhakatika. It means a clay cart.

What are the themes in Mrichchhakatika?

Prepare the following: major themes of Mrichchhakatika, critical appreciation, depiction of women, characters of Vasantsena and Charudatta, depiction of society of the time, the significance of the title, and humor of the play.

What does the Little Clay Cart represent?

The clay cart, therefore, is a metaphor of the world which Vasantasena wishes to be a part of. On the other hand, the title is a summation of the Hindu concept of seeing life as a wheel, or chakra. Charudatta’s young son has been playing with a gold cart that belonged to his friend, who takes it away.

What is the role of Maitreya in Mrichchhakatika?

Responsible for the atrocities and injustices committed on Charudatta. Maitreya – Another poor Brahmin, close friend of Charudatta. Maitreya hates the condition he, and his friend are forced to live in by destiny, and blames the gods for his misfortunes.

How is Mrichchhakatika a Prakarna?

It is a ten Act Sanskrit Drama which was written in 5th century CE. This play is completely based on Sudraka’s imagination and doesn’t take any help from the epics. It is regarded as a Prakarana, because it is based on a fictional story based on situations from ordinary life.

What is the summary of Mrichchhakatika?

The drama The Mrichchhakatika is fine love story of a worthy Brahmana Charudatta and a courtesan Vasantasena. Charudatta was poor Brahmana and Vasantasena was a rich lady. Charudatta was once a rich man. He became poor because he helped the poor and needy.

Who is Sarvilaka in Mrichchhakatika?

Sarvilaka is a thief, but he is also a friend to the captive prince, whom he helps free. He steals jewels from Chrudatta in order to purchase a bride.

What is the difference between Nataka and Prakarna?

…of play are distinguished: the nāṭaka, which is based on epic material, and the prakaraṇa, which is of the author’s invention, though often borrowed from narrative literature.

What is the major source of the play Mrichchhakatika?

The play Mrichchhakatika has derived its main sources from ordinary walks of life. Explanation: Sudarka wrote the play Mrichchhakatika. It was a Sanskrit play set in the ancient city of Ujjain.

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