What is the meaning of uddiyana bandha?

What is the meaning of uddiyana bandha?

Uddiyana bandha is considered one of the three classical bandha asanas and is not only practiced to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, but also to practice meditative, controlled breathing and to energize the body. In Sanskrit, uddiyana means “upward” and bandha means “binding,” “uniting” or “contracting.”

What is uddiyana bandha or abdominal lift?

One of the most powerful locks is uddiyana bandha —the upward flying lock or abdominal lift, in which you suck your abdominal wall in and up at the end of an exhalation, while restraining the breath. The abdominal organs are all swept up to a higher than normal position in the trunk by a partial vacuum in the chest cavity.

What are the precautions and contraindications associated with uddiyana bandha?

Uddiyana Bandha can activate Manipuraka Chakra or the solar plexus which boosts all the functions associated with the nerve center. Here are the principal precautions and contraindications associated with Uddiyana Bandha: The Uddiyana Bandha should not be practiced by those who have high blood pressure;

What are the benefits of uddiyana bandha and Bahir Kumbhaka?

Through the practice of Uddiyana Bandha, one can hold the air outside. Upward movement of abdominal muscles can improve the functioning of the respiratory system. Bahir Kumbhaka or the process of holding the breath outside can enhance lung capacity. With this asana, practitioners can improve the functioning of the pancreas and liver.

What is upward abdominal lock (uddiyana bandha)?

Uddiyana bandha is known as upward abdominal lock in English. Individuals can enter uddiyana bandha from a standing or seated position. It is recommended for beginners to practice it in a standing position before attempting the asana from a comfortable seated position on the mat for pranayama.

What is Uddiyana (upward flying)?

Through this bandha, the great bird “prana” constantly flies up through the Sushumna nadi; that is why it is called Uddiyana (upward flying) – (chapter 3 Verse 55) In this previous article, we have discussed how in the practice of bandhas, we lock energy into a certain part of the body.

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