What is the meaning of you are the apple of my eye?

What is the meaning of you are the apple of my eye?

Meaning: Someone whom you cherish above all others. Example: My youngest daughter, Cherie is the apple of my eye.

Where can I watch the apple of my eye?

Watch You Are the Apple of My Eye | Netflix.

Is the movie apple of my eye a true story?

It is a really moved film. You are the apple of my eye is a very popular film from Taiwan in China and its story used to become a trend in 2011. This is a real story came from a very popular author-Ke Jingteng who is also the director of this film. The story includes his friends and the girl who he liked and chased.

Is you are the apple of my eye a metaphor?

The apple of one’s eye describes a thing or person which someone loves above all others, someone’s favorite person or thing, a person or thing that he is proud of. It wasn’t long before the apple of one’s eye became a metaphor for something precious.

What is the plural of apple of my eye?

The apple of one’s eye is the delight of one’s life, the thing or person he or she loves best in all the world. You COULD say ‘the apple of my EYES’ (plural eyes) but you can’t have more than one MOST BELOVED thing/person. One apple to a customer.”

What does they had a skeleton in the cupboard mean?

If you say that someone has a skeleton in the closet, or in British English a skeleton in the cupboard, you mean that they are keeping secret a bad or embarrassing fact about themselves.

How old is Burt Reynolds?

82 years (1936–2018)
Burt Reynolds/Age at death
More Stories by Ryan. Burt Reynolds was running his lines for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood before he died of a heart attack at the age of 82 on Sept. 6, 2018, Quentin Tarantino says.

What is the meaning of apple in the Bible?

In the Old Testament, the apple was significant of the fall of man; in the New Testament, it is an emblem of the redemption from that fall. The apple is represented in pictures of the Madonna and Infant Jesus as another sign of that redemption.

Why my parents say that I am apple of their eyes?

If someone is the apple of your eye, you love them very much and are very proud of them. I was the apple of my father’s eye. Penny’s only son was the apple of her eye. Note: In the past, the pupil in the eye was sometimes called the apple.

Is it apple of my eye or eyes?

The phrase “apple of my eye” refers in English to something or someone that one cherishes above all others. Originally, the phrase was simply an idiom referring to the pupil of the eye.

How do I use the apple of my eye?

The phrase ‘Apple of My Eye’ is used to describe someone who is highly cherished by you. Example of Use: “I just love Jessie. She’s the apple of my eye.”

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