What is the metric unit for centigram?

What is the metric unit for centigram?

Measuring Mass in the Metric System
kilogram (kg) hectogram (hg) centigram (cg)
1,000 grams 100 grams 0.01 gram

Is centigram the same as milligram?

Unlike the U.S. customary system of measurement, the metric system is based on s. For example, a liter is times larger than a deciliter, and a centigram is times larger than a milligram. So, what if you have to find out how many milligrams are in a decigram?

How do you convert GG to CG?

Please provide values below to convert centigram [cg] to gigagram [Gg], or vice versa….Centigram to Gigagram Conversion Table.

Centigram [cg] Gigagram [Gg]
1 cg 1.0E-11 Gg
2 cg 2.0E-11 Gg
3 cg 3.0E-11 Gg
5 cg 5.0E-11 Gg

How many centigram makes a kilogram?

100000 cg
Kilogram to Centigram Conversion Table

Kilogram [kg] Centigram [cg]
0.01 kg 1000 cg
0.1 kg 10000 cg
1 kg 100000 cg
2 kg 200000 cg

What’s the abbreviation for centigram?

Mass & Weight

Unit Abbreviation Number of grams
dekagram dag 10
gram g (gm) 1
decigram dg 0.10
centigram cg 0.01

What is the symbol for a centigram?

Units of mass

Value SI symbol Name
10−1 g dg decigram
10−2 g cg centigram
10−3 g mg milligram
10−6 g µg microgram (mcg)

What is 5cg in mg?

50 mg
Centigram to Milligram Conversion Table

Centigram [cg] Milligram [mg]
3 cg 30 mg
5 cg 50 mg
10 cg 100 mg
20 cg 200 mg

What does the word centigram mean?

Definition of centigram : a unit of mass equal to ¹/₁₀₀ gram — see Metric System Table.

What is 32 DG into kg?

Simply put, dg is smaller than kg. In fact, a decigram is “10 to the power of -4” smaller than a kilogram. Since a decigram is 10^-4 smaller than a kilogram, it means that the conversion factor for dg to kg is 10^-4. Therefore, you can multiply 32 dg by 10^-4 to get 32 dg converted to kg.

What does centigram mean in chemistry?

/ (ˈsɛntɪˌɡræm) / noun. one hundredth of a gram.

Is centigram the smallest unit of weight?

When comparing the milligram, gram, microgram, and kilogram, the largest unit of weight is the kilogram. The centigram is the smallest unit of weight.

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