What is the most accurate load for a 22-250?

What is the most accurate load for a 22-250?

For the 50-60 grain bullets most commonly used in . 22-250, you have a huge selection of good medium burn-rate powders, but we like the new IMR-8208 XBR powder and H-4895 because they deliver great accuracy and they are not temp sensitive.

What is the best twist rate for a 308?

308 Win. is most commonly barreled with a 1:12 twist. This is probably because use of long, heavy bullets was not envisioned in shorter actions. However, in . 30 caliber, even a 1:12 twist is versatile and can usually stabilize 190-grain match bullets and 200-grain hunting bullets.

What is the best .308 ammo?

The 6 Best Big-Game Loads for the . 308 Winchester

  1. Remington Core-Lokt 180-grain PSP RN. This load hits hard and makes a big hole.
  2. Hornady Precision Hunter 178-grain ELD-X.
  3. Barnes Vor-TX Tipped Triple Shock (TTSX) 150-grain.
  4. Federal Fusion 150-grain MSR.
  5. Hornady Custom Lite 125-grain SST.
  6. Nosler Custom 165-grain AccuBond.

What is the most accurate ammo for a 308?

The three most accurate loads included Hornady 165-grain SST Superformance, Nosler 165-grain Ballistic Tip and Black Hills 155-grain Hornady A-MAX. As indicated, there is a huge selection of top-notch extruded and spherical powders that have been designed primarily for the .308/7.62 NATO cartridges.

What are your favorite loads for a 22-250?

Re: Favorite loads for 22-250? Lapua Brass 34.0gr Varget Fed 210 primer Nosler ballistic tip 55gr 0.010″ off lands Shoots in the .3 to .4 range out of my savage model 10 predator Same load in winchester brass but with 35.0 grains of varget works well too.

What is the best 22-250 rifle for hunting?

1. Browning X-Bolt: Best Overall .22-250 Rifle 2. Winchester Model 70: Best .22-250 Rifle for Coyotes 3. Remington 700: Best for Varmint Hunting 4. Savage Axis XP: Best Budget .22-250 Rifle If you’re pressed on time, here’s a quick list of the best .22-250 rifles: 1. Browning X-Bolt: Best Overall .22-250 Rifle

What is the bullet speed of a 22 250?

Factory loads were initially advertised with a 55-grain bullet at something over 3,800 fps, but today the same weight bullets are generally listed at 3,650 to 3,680 fps. New bullet weights have been added, including 35-grain bullets at 4,450 fps, 40-grain Maximum overall cartridge length for the .22-250 is listed at 2.350 inches.

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