What is the most popular song on Desert Island Discs?

What is the most popular song on Desert Island Discs?

The most common favourite discs are Bach’s St Matthew Passion and Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro (each chosen by 32 castaways), followed by Messiah, Bach’s Mass in B minor, and Schubert’s String Quintet.

Did David Bowie do Desert Island Discs?

Although Bowie, who died from liver cancer in 2016, never appeared on the show, his music was a popular choice for other guests: at the time of his death, 38 celebrities – including Noel Gallagher, Damian Lewis and Ricky Gervais – chose a Bowie track.

Who was the best Desert Island Discs presenter?


  • Roy Plomley. Roy Plomley, the programme’s creator, presented the programme for 43 years.
  • Michael Parkinson. Michael Parkinson was asked to take the chair following Roy Plomley’s death in May 1985.
  • Sue Lawley.
  • Kirsty Young.
  • Lauren Laverne.
  • Other Desert Island Discs presenters.

Has Cliff Richard been on Desert Island Discs?

Seven things we learned from Cliff Richard’s Desert Island Discs. Sir Cliff shares his musical choices in his second appearance on Desert Island Discs.

Has paul McCartney done Desert Island Discs?

Paul McCartney was the first and only ex-Beatle that made an appereance at the ”Desert Island Discs” programme, as the ”shipwrecked” number 1,630. Perviously, the Beatles had been invited but Brian Epstein rejected the idea of the group apearing in the programme. -‘Beautiful Boy’ by John Lennon.

Who was the first guest on Desert Island Discs?

Vic Oliver
1. The first castaway – marooned on 29 January 1942 – was Vic Oliver, a music-hall star in the 1930s. He was the perfect first interviewee for presenter Roy Plomley, the Wodehousian wannabe actor who devised the show. The first guest was supposed to be the philosopher CEM Joad, but he was indisposed.

When was Desert Island Discs first broadcast?

Desert Island Discs is a radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It was first broadcast on the BBC Forces Programme on 29 January 1942.

Where can I find recordings of Bransby Williams?

Here, as well as hearing Player Pianos and the 1929 Wurlitzer Theatre Organ from the Regent Cinema, Brighton, one can hear recordings of Bransby Williams, on phonograph cylinders and 78 r.p.m. records. ^ Programme, The Trial of John Jasper for the Murder of Edwin Drood, at King’s Hall, Covent Garden, January 7th 1914.

Who is Bransby Williams?

Bransby Williams (born Bransby William Pharez; 14 August 1870 – 3 December 1961) was a British actor, comedian and monologist. He became known as “The Irving of the music halls “.

What genre is desiredesert Island Discs?

Desert Island Discs logo used on the BBC website Genre Talk radio music Running time 43 minutes Country of origin United Kingdom Language (s) English

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