What is the name of the hospital in Welland Ontario?

What is the name of the hospital in Welland Ontario?

Welland Site | Niagara Health.

Does Welland have a hospital?

Niagara Health currently operates 115 long-term care beds at the Welland Site – 75 beds in our Extended Care Unit and 40 beds in an adjacent interim unit.

How do you call in sick Niagara?

Call the main number at 905-378-4647 and ask to be put through to the unit.

How many beds does Welland hospital have?

A new emergency department and renovated ambulatory care centre opened in 2003. A new dialysis centre opened in 2008, providing outpatient care with 21 dialysis stations. The hospital also operates a 115-bed long term care facility. This site services a population of more than 70,000.

Does Welland hospital have an MRI?

Niagara Health is committed to enhancing diagnostic services and has significantly upgraded state-of-the-art equipment in several areas. Ultrasound, Mammography, X-Rays, Fluoroscopy, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, CT, MRI, Bone Densitometry and more are offered at locations of Niagara Health.

How many hospitals are in Hamilton?

six hospitals
Hamilton’s six hospitals are Hamilton General Hospital, McMaster Children’s Hospital, Juravinski Cancer Centre, St. Joseph’s Hospital, St. Peter’s Geriatric Hospital, and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

How old is Welland hospital?

In 1908 this was built as the first publicly funded hospital in Welland on land donated by H.A. Rose and the R. Morwood estate. It was officially opened by Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor on March 1, 1909.

What is the name of the hospital in St Catharines?

Niagara Health System | Système De Santé De Niagara.

How much is a private room at St Catharines hospital?

Private (one bed per room, private bathroom), $340 per day (updated August 1, 2021) Semi-Private (two beds per room, shared bathroom for two patients), $290 per day (updated August 1, 2021)

How many family doctors are in Hamilton?

166 family doctors
The Hamilton Family Health Team is the largest Health Team in the province. There are 166 family doctors and over 250 other health care workers in the Hamilton Family Health Team, and we serve more than half of the people living in the City of Hamilton. Our practices are in many locations across Hamilton.

When was Welland hospital built?

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