What is the name of the Philippine mouse deer?

What is the name of the Philippine mouse deer?

Tragulus nigricans
The Philippine mouse deer (Tragulus nigricans) is an endangered ungulate species, endemic to the Balabac Islands in the Palawan Faunal Region of the western Philippines.

Which best describe Phil mouse deer?

The Philippine or Balabac Mouse-deer (Tragulus nigricans) – locally known as pilandok – is a small terrestrial mammal endemic to the island of Palawan. This animal is generally shy and nocturnal, and will slowly tiptoe away when it senses that it is being watched. It feeds on fruits, leaves, buds and grasses.

How many Balabac mouse deer are left?

As of 2020, there were a total of 12 mouse deer living in European zoos, including zoos in Rotterdam, Belgium, and the UK.

Is Philippine mouse deer is endangered?

Endangered (Population decreasing)
Philippine mouse-deer/Conservation status

Where does the Philippine mouse deer live?

The Philippine mouse-deer (Tragulus nigricans), also known as the Balabac chevrotain or pilandok (in Filipino), is a small, nocturnal ruminant, which is endemic to Balabac and nearby smaller islands (Bugsuk and Ramos) southwest of Palawan in the Philippines.

Why is the mouse-deer endangered?

The Mouse Deer are hunted and become as endangered condition. Because it is hunted easily by wild animal and man. It is also very sensitive type. Its breeding and survival was under challenge.

Is the mouse-deer endemic to the Philippines?

Is mouse-deer endangered or threatened?

Not extinct
Chevrotain/Extinction status

How big is a Philippine mouse deer?

Measurements for this species have been consistent over the last eighty years of research. On average, the Balabac mouse deer measures 40–50 cm from the head to the tail base and reaches an average of 18 cm tall at shoulder height. The male of its species does not have any antlers like a true deer.

Is mouse deer endangered?

What is the conservation status of mouse-deer?

What is the kingdom of mouse-deer?


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