What is the normal range of widal?

What is the normal range of widal?

Conclusion: In case of singular Widal test, baseline values for the normal range was found to be 1:20 – 1:80 for all the antigens (TO, TH, AO, AH, BO, BH), except BH, for which it was 1:20-1:40.

How do I know my Widal test is positive?

The Widal test is positive

  1. if “O” antigen titer is >1:160 = active infection.
  2. If the “H” antigen titer is >1:160, it indicates past infection or in immunized persons.
  3. A fourfold increase in the titer (e.g., from 1:40 to 1:160) is diagnostic.

How do you read a widal tube test?


  1. Take 4 sets of 8 Kahn tubes/test tubes and label them 1 to 8 for O, H, AH and BH antibody detection.
  2. Pipette into the tube No.
  3. To each of the remaining tubes (2 to 8) add 1.0 ml of isotonic saline.
  4. To the tube No.
  5. Transfer 1.0 ml of the diluted serum from tube no.

What is normal typhoid?

Typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever have similar symptoms̵. People usually have a sustained fever (one that doesn’t come and go) that can be as high as 103–104°F (39–40°C). Some people with typhoid fever or paratyphoid fever develop a rash of flat, rose-colored spots.

What is the high range of typhoid?

Symptoms normally begin between 6 and 30 days after exposure to the bacteria. The two major symptoms of typhoid are fever and rash. Typhoid fever is particularly high, gradually increasing over several days up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, or 39 to 40 degrees Celsius.

What is widal test negative?

So a negative Widal test result has a good predictive value for the absence of the disease but a positive result would have a low predictive value for the presence of typhoid fever [9].

What is typhoid O and H?

According to Felix,’ most typhoid infections produce both H and. O agglutinins-the H (flagellar) designating the infecting organism, and the 0 (somatic) expressing the body’s response to infection. In. the course of typhoid fever resulting in recovery, Felix demonstrated.

What type of tubes are used in Widal test?

In Widal Test, two types of tubes were originally used: (1) Dreyer’s tube (narrow tube with conical bottom) for H agglutination and (2) Felix tube (short round-bottomed tube) for O agglutination. Now a days 3 x 0.5 ml Kahn tubes are used for both types of agglutination.

What is the difference between Tubetube agglutination and slide Widal test?

Tube agglutination has more accuracy as compared to the slide agglutination technique. However, A slide widal test is more popular among diagnostic laboratories as it gives rapid results. Qualitative Slide Test Procedure : Bring all reagents to room temperature and mix well.

What is the Widal blood test?

The Widal Blood Test is used to quickly diagnose enteric or typhoid fever. Enteric fever is caused by a species of bacteria called Salmonella enterica or Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi. Enteric fever may result 8-48 hours after infection by S. enterica and last 2-5 days.

Should the Widal test be run on both acute and convalescent phase Sera?

Ideally, the Widal test should be run on both acute and convalescent phase sera to detect an increase in the agglutination titre but patient management cannot wait for results obtained with a convalescent- phase sample. For practical purposes, a treatment decision must be made on the basis of the results obtained with a single acute phase sample.

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