What is the opposite reciprocal of negative 4?

What is the opposite reciprocal of negative 4?

The opposite reciprocal of the number 4 would be -1/4.

How do you find a reciprocal?

To find the reciprocal of a fraction, switch the numerator and the denominator (the top and bottom of the fraction, respectively). So, simply speaking, the reciprocal of a/b is b/a. To find the reciprocal of a number, divide 1 by the number.

What is an example of balanced reciprocity?

Balanced reciprocity is one of three types of socioeconomic reciprocity. The other two are generalized reciprocity and negative reciprocity. Some examples of balanced reciprocity are making purchases in a store, bartering for an item and exchanging Christmas gifts.

What is a reciprocal of 7 8?

Answer. Step-by-step explanation:The reciprocal of -7/8 is 8/-7.

What is the reciprocal of 2/3 8 in fraction form?

So, the improper fraction for 2 3/8 is 19/8. Now, turn 19/8 into a reciprocal. 19/8 as a reciprocal would be 8/19. Thank you!

What is a reciprocal of 1 3?

The opposite reciprocal of 1/3 is -3/1. To make the reciprocal of 1/3, simply flip the 1/3 over to make it 3/1.

What are the rules of reciprocity?

The reciprocity principle is one of the basic laws of social psychology: It says that in many social situations we pay back what we received from others. In other words, if John does you a favor, you’re likely to return it to him.

What is positive reciprocity?

Positive reciprocity occurs when an action committed by one individual that has a positive effect on someone else is returned with an action that has an approximately equal positive effect.

What is a reciprocal of 9?

The reciprocal of 9 is 1/9.

What is a reciprocal of 3 7?

Answer. 7/3 is the reciprocal of 3/7.

What is the opposite of reciprocity?

Antonyms: unanswered, unreciprocated, direct, nonreciprocating, unrequited, nonreciprocal. Synonyms: reciprocal cross, multiplicative inverse.

What is another word for reciprocity?

What is another word for reciprocity?

cooperation mutuality
reciprocality reciprocation
interchange exchange
mutual benefit mutual exchange
give and take concession

Does reciprocity involve money?

Reciprocal exchanges generally do not redistribute a society’s wealth in a way that causes some people to become richer than others. Rather, they usually result in a circulation of goods and services. There is not a net economic loss for individuals because they ultimately receive gifts in return.

What is negative reciprocity?

Negative reciprocity: This form of reciprocity happens when one party involved in the exchange is trying to get more about it than the other person. Selling a much-needed item at an inflated price is one example of negative reciprocity.

What is the reciprocal for 5 9?

Therefore the reciprocal of 5/9 is 9/5 .

What is the opposite of 3 2?


Why is reciprocity so powerful?

The Give and Take. The experiment demonstrates the powerful cultural force known as reciprocity. Sociologists maintain that all human societies subscribe to the principle that we are obligated to repay favors, gifts, and invitations. Reciprocity is so powerful that it can result in exchanges of completely unequal value …

What is the reciprocal of 5 8 in fraction form?

Answer Expert Verified A reciprocal is just when you flip over the numerator and the denominator. So, if you have 5/8, then its opposite, or reciprocal will be 8/5.

What does reciprocity mean in a relationship?

Reciprocity within a relationship means that each partner has an understanding of their own needs, is able to communicate them, and is capable and willing to meet the needs of their partner.

What is the meaning of reciprocity?

mutual dependence, action, or influence

What is another word for reciprocal in math?


What is the reciprocal of 5 by 8?

Like Turning the Number Upside Down

Number Reciprocal
5 = 51 1 5
8 = 81 1 8
1000 = 10001 1 1000

What is a reciprocal of 9 10?

Reciprocal of 9/10 is 10/9.

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