What is the original birthstone for March?

What is the original birthstone for March?

Bottom line: The month of March has two birthstones – the aquamarine and the bloodstone.

What Stone goes with March?

The March birthstones are aquamarine and bloodstone. Aquamarine is blue or blue-green — its name comes from the Latin word aqua marinus, which means water of the sea, referencing its tranquil blue color.

What are traditional birthstones?


JANUARY Garnet Garnet
FEBRUARY Amethyst Amethyst
MARCH Aquamarine Bloodstone
APRIL Diamond Diamond

Is March birthstone topaz?

Both Topaz and aquamarine are wonderful options to represent a march birthstone, in fact they are wonderful choices for anyone who enjoys the blue hues of either stone.

What color is March gemstone?

March Birthstone – the Color of the Aquamarine . The traditional color associated with the Aquamarine is is transparent blue or sea-green however, the most admired aquamarine color is sky-blue. This gemstone was strongly favored as a popular gem in jewelry. The meaning of colors through the ages represented many aspects of life.

What is the March birthstone?

March Birthstone Aquamarine and bloodstone, March’s two birthstones, are very different when it comes to appearance, but they share a similar reputation for protecting one’s well-being. The aquamarine birthstone evokes the colors of the sea.

What is the gemstone for March birthdays?

Bloodstone being the traditional and modern birthstone for March, as well as the March gemstone in many ancient calendars, green, the color of bloodstone, may have been the primary March birthstone color. Jade, the gemstone for March in the old Tibetan calendar , is also most popularly green, and hence reinforces green as the March color.

What is March’s birthstone?

The March Birthstone is Aquamarine The birthstone for March is Aquamarine and thus the March birthstone color is light blue, the primary shade of Aquamarine. The alternative March gemstone is earthy Bloodstone and both gems are listed as official March birthstones.

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