What is the poem cloudy day about?

What is the poem cloudy day about?

Baca wrote a poem called “Cloudy Day” that describes the life of a prison inmate. The last part of the poem shares the feelings of inmates after they get out, ” still I am strong enough to love you, love myself, and feel good.” They have had the happiness taken away from them in prison, yet they still have feelings.

What is a poem about morning called?

An aubade is a morning love song (as opposed to a serenade, intended for performance in the evening), or a song or poem about lovers separating at dawn. It has also been defined as “a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak”.

Who wrote cloudy Day poem?

Jimmy Santiago Baca
Cloudy Day by Jimmy Santiago Baca | Poetry Foundation.

When was cloudy day written?

Cloudy Day

“Cloudy Day”
Released 10 June 2021
Length 3:05
Label Bad Batch Sony Music Australia Elektra
Songwriter(s) Toni Watson

What is a main theme the poet develops in his poem cloudy day?

The subject of the poem “Cloudy Day” by Jimmy Santiago is to let readers know that it doesn’t matter how bad things can go for you because somehow it could have gone worse.

What evidence does the poet provide in lines 13 17 about how the speaker feels How do these lines contrast with the first two stanzas of the poem?

The evidence that the poet provides in lines 13-17 about how the speaker feels would be “… gave me the feeling I could grasp the tower like a cornstalk, and snap it from its roots of rock.” Here the speaker feels fragile and strong at the same time.

Who is the poet of poem morning?

“A Description of the Morning” is a poem by Anglo-Irish poet Jonathan Swift, written in 1709.

Is the Speaker watching the morning sun why why not?

Why not? = No, the speaker is not watching the morning sun because he is not doing the real-time narration of the morning sun.

What evidence does the poet provide in lines 13 17?

In lines 13-17 the poet shows how he feels in lines 15-17 saying “gave me the feeling I could grasp the tower like a cornstalk, and snap it from its roots of rock.” He’s showing how long he’s been there and how sitting high up makes him feel like he’s on the edge of the earth and he has all the power in his hands.

What theme emerges by the end of the poem cloudy day?

This poem reminds people going through hardships and difficulties that they can endure it and in time, things will get better.

What is the tone of cloudy day poem?

The tone of the poem is a very optimistic one. The words “grasp”, “plays”, “dream”, love”, and “good” show this tone.

What type of poem is Morning Song?

Morning Song is a six stanza free verse poem, each stanza an unrhymed tercet, making 18 lines in total. When two or more words are close together in a line and begin with the same consonant they are said to be alliterative.

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