What is the process of DNA polymerase?

What is the process of DNA polymerase?

DNA polymerase is responsible for the process of DNA replication, during which a double-stranded DNA molecule is copied into two identical DNA molecules. Scientists have taken advantage of the power of DNA polymerase molecules to copy DNA molecules in test tubes via polymerase chain reaction, also known as PCR.

Is RNA primer needed for lagging strand?

Initiation of Okazaki fragments with RNA primers. Short fragments of RNA serve as primers that can be extended by DNA polymerase. To form a continuous lagging strand of DNA, the RNA primers must eventually be removed from the Okazaki fragments and replaced with DNA.

Does the leading strand go from 5 to 3?

Leading Strand and Lagging Strand The first one is called the leading strand. This is the parent strand of DNA which runs in the 3′ to 5′ direction toward the fork, and it’s able to be replicated continuously by DNA polymerase. The other strand is called the lagging strand.

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