What is the waka of Ngati Porou?

What is the waka of Ngati Porou?

We of Ngati Porou claim that when Maui fished up the North Island, his waka “Nukutaimemeha” was cradled on the top of our ancestral mountain –Hikurangi, where it still rests today in te roto o Hine Takawhiti.

What iwi is Ruatoria?


Ruatoria Rua-a-Tōrea (Māori)
Region Gisborne Region
Ward Waiapu Ward
Iwi (Tribe) Ngāti Porou
Electorate East Coast

What is Ruatoria famous for?

It is adjacent to the Waiapu River, which was bridged at nearby Rotokautuku in 1916. It became the ‘capital’ of Ngāti Porou territory once the road became the main link between the coast and Gisborne in the 1920s, and remains the principal service town for the coast north of Tokomaru Bay.

Where in New Zealand is Hikurangi?

Hikurangi is a settlement in Northland, New Zealand. The city of Whangarei is 17 km (11 miles) to the south, and Kawakawa is 39 km (24 miles) northwest. The Glenbervie Forest is southeast of the settlement….

• Total 1,750

What are the names of the 7 Waka?

The seven waka that arrived to Aotearoa were called Tainui, Te Arawa, Mātaatua, Kurahaupō, Tokomaru, Aotea and Tākitimu.

How did Maori see their world?

ori have a unique relationship with their natural world. They view themselves as one with the natural world. The people, the land, the sea, the forest, and all living creatures are members of the same family. ori to survive and prosper from the land and sea, the reciprocity of respect and caring is central.

What area is Opotiki?

419 mi²

Where is Sir Apirana Ngata buried?

She died in 1948 and he married Hēne Te Kira not long before his own death at Waiomatatini on 14 July 1950, following a brief illness. He was buried beside Arihia on the little hill behind The Bungalow. Apirana Ngata made a vital contribution to the revival of the Māori race in the early twentieth century.

How Hikurangi got its name?

Hikurangi, this is from the Ngāti Porou haka, Rūaumoko, named after the earthquake god. Whakaeteete mai ko Hikurangi (Thrusting upward, is Hikurangi). From the haka, Whakarongo ake ki te hīrea waha o Māui (Hearken to the faint call of the voice of Māui), celebrating the mythological rise of the mountain from the ocean.

Where is the Hikurangi fault line?

The Hikurangi subduction zone is a fault line that runs offshore along the East Coast from Gisborne to the top of the South Island. It’s caused by the Pacific tectonic plate sliding under the Australian one.

What is Ngapuhi waka?

The Ngāpuhi waka taua (war canoe) Ngatokimatawhaorua, built for the 1940 centenary of the Treaty signing, was the largest of five waka in the Bay of Islands waters for Waitangi Day 2002.

Where do Waiorongomai walks start?

Waiorongomai walks start from the car park at the end of Waiorongomai Loop Road near Te Aroha. Consult a topographic map. No mountain biking on this track.

Who are the Matthews caretakers of Waiorongomai?

With my wife Karla, we are the 6th generation ‘Matthews Caretakers’ of Waiorongomai. My parents Raymond and Susie provide close support and Karla and I hope our children Josh, Willie and Greta will take over as the 7th generation in years to come.

Why choose Waiorongamai?

Waiorongamai proudly raises Ovation lambs that are 100% grass fed and raised without antibiotics, hormones or genetically engineered feed. 6 th generation farmers.

What happened to Ruatoria?

Ruatoria, its Rastafarians, and the contesting of space The economic situation in the mid-1980s was bleak for the East Coast area, and particularly so for Ruatoria. When writing about the town in 1988, North and South magazine noted that there “is no work.

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