What is the work of Mukhtiarkar?

What is the work of Mukhtiarkar?

There shall be a Mukhtiarkar (Revenue) of a Taluka who shall exercise the powers of the Assistant Collector of second grade and discharge such duties as may be expressly conferred or imposed on him by or under this Act.

What is Form 7 land in Sindh?

Answer: Currently there are three types of records available: Village Form II (Urban Property Register which is usually related to small cities of Sindh) Village Form VII-A (Rewriting/ Reconstruction of Record – Mainly Agricultural Land) Village Form VII-B (Agricultural Land/ Mutation Register)

What is Revenue Department Sindh?

Board of Revenue Sindh is the Controlling Authority relating to management of state land collection of land Revenue and other taxes/duties, maintenance of Revenue Record and other allied matters in respect of all Kabuli and Nakabuli lands.

How much is Sindh sales tax on services?

Taxable Services as per Second Schedule to the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act, 2011, read with notified exemptions and concessionary rates of tax. this condition shall charge, collect and pay tax at that statutory rate of 19.5%.

Is tehsildar a revenue officer?

Tehsildar: Tehsildar is a revenue administrative officer in charge of obtaining taxation from a Tehsil. A Tehsildar is also called Patwari.

How can I check property owner in Karachi?

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online

  1. You can find all Punjab and Sindh property records online at www.punjab-zameen.gov.pk and sindhzameen.gos.pk respectively.
  2. Select your district, tehsil and area from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter your CNIC number or property number to check property ownership in Pakistan.

How do you verify a property?

How To Check If Your Property Is Legally Verified?

  1. Check for the title papers. A property should have a clear title, without any dispute.
  2. Ask for bank approvals.
  3. Encumbrance certificate.
  4. Tally the approved plan with actual site.
  5. Check out property tax slips.
  6. Project has a registered society.

How many talukas are there in Sindh 2020?

119 Talukas
Administratively Sindh province is divided in 23 districts , 119 Talukas ( Tehsils ) , 1100 Union Councils, 1439 Tapas and 5,871 Dehs (Mauza) having 66,923 human settlements, as per 1998 census.

Who is secretary revenue?

Tarun Bajaj, a 1988-batch Haryana cadre IAS officer, who is currently secretary in the department of economic affairs, will take over as revenue secretary in the finance ministry.

What is the rate of GST in Pakistan?

The standard rate of GST in Pakistan is 17%.

What is SST tax in Pakistan?

Sales tax rates in Pakistan The standard sales tax rate in Pakistan is 17%.

Is tehsildar and collector same?

In the revenue department, the deputy collector (also called Deputy District Collector) is usually a tehsildar who reports to the District Revenue Officer (DRO), who is also called the Additional District Collector and is the overall in-charge of the revenue department for the district.

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