What is time walk worth?

What is time walk worth?

Time Walk – $26179.20 Set: Alpha

Card Color: U
Mana Cost 1U
Type & Class: Sorcery
Card Text: Take an extra turn after this one.
Flavor Text:

Is Timewalk banned?

Time Walk has been restricted since January 1994 for providing a very powerful effect. Timetwister has been restricted since January 1994 for providing very powerful card drawing. Tinker has been restricted since October 1999 for being a very powerful tutor and providing mana acceleration at the same time.

How much is MOX ruby worth?

Card Condition Price
Mox Ruby G $2,480.00
Mox Ruby VG $3,719.99
Mox Ruby EX $4,959.99
Mox Ruby NM $6,199.99

How much does ancestral recall cost?

Ancestral Recall – $4875.71 Set: Unlimited

Mana Cost U
Type & Class: Instant
Card Text: Target player draws three cards.
Flavor Text:
Artist: Mark Poole

Is Fork banned MTG?

Extended: Metalworker and Skullclamp are banned. Vintage: Braingeyser, Doomsday, Earthcraft, and Fork are unrestricted.

How much is the power nine worth?

The Power Nine is a set of extremely rare cards in Magic: The Gathering trading card game. They have extremely powerful effects, giving any player who has them a huge advantage over their opponent. Roy’s set of Power Nine cards is worth $27,000 (£20,000).

How much is the Black Lotus worth?

Black Lotus gives you three mana of any color, granting you massive power over your opponents. It’s the most prized MTG card ever sold, with its most recent sale standing at a staggering $160,000. Currently, the Black Lotus card’s estimated price is $40,000.

How much is a Mox Emerald?

Card Condition Price
Mox Emerald G $3,080.00
Mox Emerald VG $4,619.99
Mox Emerald EX $6,159.99
Mox Emerald NM $7,699.99

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