What is wrong with River in Firefly?

What is wrong with River in Firefly?

She is considered a child prodigy, intelligent beyond her years and athletically gifted. After intense experimentation by Dr. Mathias on behalf of the Parliament – the Alliance ruling body – River was partially transformed into a mentally unstable psychic weapon intended for secret governmental use.

Is River Tam a slayer?

Buffy & Firefly Connection: River Tam Is A Slayer When River Tam and her brother, Simon (Sean Maher), board Serenity, a ship run by smugglers who oppose The Alliance—aka “Browncoats”—some of her abilities are seen, but her true powers are showcased in the movie Serenity (2005).

Did Mal and Inara get together?

Mal and Inara (finally) get together But their relationship is not easygoing. The two still constantly bicker and Inara is forced to stay aboard the ship after losing her companion license.

How many Serenity comics are there?

Dark Horse published the three-issue comic book miniseries Serenity: Those Left Behind, Serenity: Better Days, and the online comic Serenity: The Other Half.

Does River Tam ever get better?

In a film largely centered around her, River became marginally more stable and better able to control her psychic powers. After dealing a massive blow to the Alliance and earning their ire yet again, the film ended with River piloting Serenity and the rest of the remaining crew off into the dark unknown.

Is Zac Efron in Firefly?

Firefly (TV Series 2002–2003) – Zac Efron as Young Simon, Young Simon Tam – IMDb.

Was Inara terminally ill?

During a panel at 2008’s DragonCon, Morena Baccarin confirmed that Inara was indeed dying of a terminal illness.

Are there any Firefly Books?

In Firefly: Big Damn Hero, written by author Nancy Holder, Captain Malcolm Reynolds (played in the show by Nathan Fillion) is captured by a band of Browncoat veterans. The next book, The Magnificent Nine, will be written by James Lovegrove for a March 2019 release. That book is set for release in October 2019.

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