What kind of comic is Sweet Tooth?

What kind of comic is Sweet Tooth?

Sweet Tooth (Vertigo)

Sweet Tooth
Format Finished Series
Genre Post-apocalyptic
Publication date September 2009 – August 2021
No. of issues 46

Is Sweet Tooth comic appropriate for kids?

According to Netflix, Sweet Tooth is rated TV-14, which means it has subject matter that many parents might find unsuitable for kids under the age of 14. Parents gave their input about it on Common Sense Media, however, and most have said Sweet Tooth is fine for kids ages 11 and up.

Is the Sweet Tooth comic violent?

It cannot be overstated just how much darker the Sweet Tooth comic is than the TV series. The show acknowledges that the post-apocalyptic world after “The Sick” would feature some inherent violence. But the show still does its best to avoid as much onscreen violence as possible.

Is Sweet Tooth comic complete?

After 39 issues filled with tragedy, Jeff Lemire is giving the characters of his comic-book series Sweet Tooth a hopeful ending with the finale.

What was the virus in Sweet Tooth?

There are only small hints at this point. Judy, Birdie’s best friend, says of the virus and the hybrids, “I once heard [Birdie] say they were two sides of the same coin.” Judy reveals to Bear that “Gus was all Birdie” and that Fort Smith wasn’t just about him. It was about the virus, aka H5G9, aka the Sick, too.

Is Sweet Tooth creator owned?

Jeff Lemire is one of the most lauded names today in creator-owned comics. As a writer and artist, he’s the mind behind multiple award-winning original titles such as Essex County, Descender, The Nobody, and his beloved Vertigo series from the 2000s, Sweet Tooth.

Is Sweet Tooth gory?

Tense scenes and music may cause some to jump. There is plenty of death and violence, but it’s not gory violence.

What age group is Sweet Tooth aimed at?

According to Netflix, the original series age rating currently stands at a TV-14 meaning that teens may be able to watch the series by themselves, but kids under the age of 14 may need some parental guidance.

Is Sweet Tooth worth watching?

Emotionally engaging, superbly acted, and incredibly entertaining, Sweet Tooth will satisfy fantasy fans of all ages.

What created the hybrids in Sweet Tooth?

Hybrids emerged after a deadly virus wreaked havoc around the world. They are hunted and feared by most humans because it’s unknown if the new species was the cause or the result of the virus, which is why Gus lives with his father in the woods – far from the dangers of civilisation.

What happened to Pubba in Sweet Tooth?

Pubba is injured After some time passes, Gus leaves the cubby to see a deer in his house. He immediately warms to it. Suddenly, he hears Pubba screaming in the distance. He eventually leaves the house to check if everything is okay.

Is Sweet Tooth DC or Marvel?

Jeff Lemire’s comic book series Sweet Tooth became a major hit for DC Comics’ Vertigo Imprint when it first began back in 2009.

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