What kind of language is Montenegrin?

What kind of language is Montenegrin?

Montenegrin language

Ethnicity Montenegrins
Native speakers 232,600 (2019)
Language family Indo-European Balto-Slavic Slavic South Slavic Western Serbo-Croatian Montenegrin
Writing system Cyrillic (Montenegrin alphabet) Latin (Montenegrin alphabet) Yugoslav Braille

How do you say welcome in Montenegrin?

  1. How to Learn Montenegrin Phrases?
  2. Good Day / Hello – Dobar Dan / Zdravo.
  3. Thank you / Please – Hvala / Molim.
  4. You are welcome / It’s nothing – Nema na čemu.
  5. My name is… /
  6. I don’t understand – Ne razumijem.
  7. Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening – Dobro Jutro, Dan, or Noć
  8. Goodbye – Doviđenja.

Is Montenegrin hard to learn?

It’s considered a medium-difficulty language: not as hard as Chinese, Japanese or Arabic but more difficult than French or Spanish. Advantages are that Montenegrin uses the Latin alphabet (so does English) and that all words are spelled exactly as they sound. Less than 65 letters of the alphabet!

How do you say cheers in Montenegrin?

Živjeli! – (Cheers!) – One of the dearest words used by people in Montenegro, because we are famous for giving toasts and celebrating life in general.

Is Montenegro cheaper than Croatia?

It’s cheap The number one reason to visit Montenegro over Croatia is the price. Montenegro is an extremely affordable country to visit!

What language do Montenegro speak?

Montenegro/Official languages

Does Montenegro use Cyrillic?

The Montenegrin Cyrillic alphabet (Montenegrin: црногорска ћирилица / crnogorska ćirilica or црногорска азбука / crnogorska azbuka) is the official Cyrillic script of the Montenegrin language. It is used in parallel with the Latin script….Cyrillic alphabet.

Montenegrin Cyrillic
Languages Montenegrin
Related scripts

How do you say cheers in Yugoslavia?

You’re might be wondering why? Because the word živeli means cheers in Serbian. It’s usually followed by music, laughter, positive vibes, and a loud clinking of glasses. That is why it always a good idea to say: ”Živeli!”

How do you say please and Thank you in Montenegro?

So, brush up on the Montenegrin equivalents of both before your trip. Say molim (‘mo-leem’) for ‘please’ and hvala (‘ hvah -lah’) for thank you – the emphasis on the first syllable in hvala which rhymes with koala. 3. Yes or no

Do they speak Montenegrin in Montenegro?

It never hurts to learn however, so make a note of these Montenegrin phrases before heading out. It won’t come as a big surprise to learn that the people of Montenegro speak Montenegrin, but the relative youth of the lingo might raise a few eyebrows.

What to learn in Montenegrin ahead of your holiday?

If you only learn two things in Montenegrin ahead of your holiday, make it the phrases of rudimentary manners. They don’t cost a thing after all. If you are struggling with the pronunciation of ‘hvala’, aim for something that rhymes somewhat with ‘koala’. Zovem se… / Drago mi je (ZOH-vem seh / DRA-go me ye) — My name is… / Pleased to meet you

How to introduce yourself to your Montenegrin hosts?

If you want to add a little bit of sugar on top of your basic greetings, use the phrases above to introduce yourself to your Montenegrin hosts. They might be surprised or it might initiate a full Montenegrin conversation. Doviđenja / čao / laku noč (doh-vee-JEH-nyah / CH-ow / LAH-kuh noch) — Goodbye / ciao / good night

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