What kinds of errors should you look for while proofreading?

What kinds of errors should you look for while proofreading?

5 Kinds of Errors to Check in Legal ProofreadingNumbers and Names. Search for all numbers, particularly dates, proper names, and any numbers following $, , or symbols. Confirm Footnotes and Cross-References. Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Defined Terms. Capitalization. Hyphenation. Paired Punctuation. Consistent Punctuation. Homonyms and Confused Words.

What should you always remember as you are proofreading?

Your Essential Proofreading Checklist: 10 Things You Can’t Forget1) Tone. 2) Product and Persona Positioning. 3) Logical Flow. 4) Grammar. 5) Style Guide Consistency. 6) Country-Specific Spelling and Jargon. 7) Logical Images. 8) Data and Image Attributions.

What is the proofreading mark for lowercase?

Capitalize: The capitalize mark is three horizontal lines under the letter that should be capitalized. Lowercase: The lowercase mark is a line through the letter that should be lowercased.

What skills does a proofreader need?

Proofreaders must have:a scrupulous approach to detailed work.a high level of skill in written English, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.the motivation to work on their own, and to meet deadlines.an ability to stay focused throughout an entire document, which may be long and technical.

What is a proofreading test for an interview?

Designed to test an individual’s ability to recognise spelling and grammar errors from a sample of text.

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