What my 2nd grader should know?

What my 2nd grader should know?

Second Grade MathLearn about even and odd numbers.Use tally marks to count by five.Read and make graphs.Write numbers in word form.Add two and three digit numbers.Subtract two and three digit numbers.Know the order of addition and subtraction operations.Know the addition and subtraction fact families.

What does a double blue line in word mean?

Automatic spelling and grammar checking. By default, Word automatically checks your document for spelling and grammar errors, so you may not even need to run a separate check. The blue line indicates a grammatical error, including misused words.

What is the shortcut key of underline?

toolbar button or use the Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut. Remember that the underline style will also be applied to all white space of the selected fragment. toolbar button.

What is the shortcut for underline in Excel?

Use the following keyboard shortcut: Control + B (hold the Control key and then press B). Similarly, you can also use similar shortcuts such as Control I to italicize and Control-U to apply the underline format.

What is double rule in accounting?

DOUBLE RULE is a double line drawn under an amount when the amounts above are totals and no other entries will be made.

What is double accounting underline in Excel?

The standard double underline adds two lines to the bottom of all contents in a cell, while the double accounting underline adds two lines to all contents of a cell except currency symbols.

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