What restaurants are in the ByWard Market?

What restaurants are in the ByWard Market?

Restaurants in Byward Market Area (Ottawa)‎

  • BeaverTails. (2,623) Open Now.
  • Shinka Sushi Bar. (313) Closed Now.
  • Play Food & Wine. (1,815) Closed Now.
  • The Scone Witch. (671) Open Now.
  • Courtyard Restaurant. (467) Open Now.
  • Chez Lucien. (456) Open Now.
  • Restaurant E18hteen. (466) Closed Now.
  • Ahora Mexican Restaurant. (487) Open Now.

Is the ByWard market open?

The ByWard Market is open 7 days a week year-round. Arts vendors generally set up by 9 a.m., and the centre ByWard Market building opens at 10 a.m. Over 600 independent businesses operate in the ByWard Market and are responsible for their own hours.

What is the famous food in Ottawa?

The best food to eat in Ottawa

  • Shawarma. You can eat a Shawarma anywhere, but you can’t beat a Shawarma in Ottawa, especially on a cold winter’s night after a few drinks with friends.
  • BeaverTails.
  • Caesars.
  • Obama Cookie.
  • Gelato.
  • Macarons.

How many restaurants are there in Ottawa?

According to online travel site Tripadvisor.com, there are more than 2,100 restaurants in Ottawa, a far cry from the days when Mamma’s, Nate’s, Kardish, The Mill, Green Valley and Green Dragon restaurants ruled.

How many restaurants are in ByWard Market?

153 restaurants
ByWard Market, Ottawa | 153 restaurants on OpenTable.

How many bars are in ByWard Market?

This downtown hotspot is technically five pubs in one: the Snug Pub, Mother McGintey’s, the Black Rose, Peter Devine’s and the Heart and Crown all operate under one roof.

What Ward is the ByWard Market in?

It stretches northwards to Cathcart Street, while to the south it is bordered by Rideau Street. The name refers to the old “By Ward” of the City of Ottawa (‘By’ deriving from the surname of the engineer, Lt….History and evolution of the ByWard Market.

Timber trade 1806
O-Train 2001

What did the ByWard Market used to be?

During the growth of Bytown (the former name for Ottawa) in the 19th century the Byward Market area was called Lowertown and most residents were Irish or French. The battles between these communities became the stuff of legend, although, as Catholics, both united in common cause against the wealthier Protestants.

How many shawarma restaurants are there in Ottawa?

Shawarma in Ottawa Since its initial genesis, the shawarma business has crossed significant geographical borders and taken over the Ottawa food industry, with 186 outlets showing up on a Google Maps search of the city.

What should I eat in Ottawa?

Find the Best Restaurants in Ottawa

  • #1. Absinthe. #1 of 2,726 Places to Eat in Ottawa.
  • #2. La Bottega Nicastro. #2 of 2,726 Places to Eat in Ottawa.
  • #3. Hunter’s Public House Restaurant. #3 of 2,726 Places to Eat in Ottawa.
  • #4. Cumberland Pizza.
  • #5. Gezellig.
  • #6. Amuse Kitchen & Wine.
  • #7. BeaverTails.
  • #8. Sansotei Ramen.

What is Ottawa known for?

So, what is Ottawa known and famous for? Ottawa is known for its international music festivals, its record-breaking ice skating rink, and its beautiful nature. Ottawa is also known for its bilingual character, politeness, internationally influenced cuisine, and hunger for beaver tails (yes, you read that correctly).

Is ByWard Market safe to live?

Byward market is safe. there’s a lot of students who live there.

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