What score do I need to pass the TASC test?

What score do I need to pass the TASC test?

What are the Pass Scores for the TASC Test? The minimum passing score is 500 for Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The TASC Writing subtest has one additional requirement—the examinee must score at least 500 and achieve at least a two out of the eight possible points on the Writing essay.

What is the highest TASC score?

So on the TASC exam, your highest possible score is 800 in each of the five subtests or 4000 overall, and a score of 8 for your essay. When you attained a 560 or higher score in Mathematics and Writing, and 580 or higher in Reading, you’ll receive a TASC “Distinguished Achievement” notation for those subject fields.

What does TASC test mean?

Test Assessing Secondary Completion
The TASC test is good news for adults who don’t have a high school diploma and want to get a good job or go back to school. The name stands for Test Assessing Secondary Completion, and several states have already adopted it, and many more are expected to do so in the near future.

How do I study for TASC?

How to Study for the TASC Exam

  1. Learn Where You Stand With the TASC. Before you really dig into your studies, it may be a good idea to find out your strongest and weakest points in each TASC subject area.
  2. Take a TASC Prep Class.
  3. Get to Know Your Subtests.
  4. Practice Good Study Habits.

How long does it take to complete TASC?

about eight hours
The TASC takes about eight hours to complete and is usually given in one or two days. If you don’t pass one or more of the five subject area sub-tests, you can retake those parts after 60 days. In most cases you can take the TASC exam up to three times in a calendar year.

Can I take TASC test online?

Registering Registration to take the TASC test is done online at www.TASCtest.com. TASC test offers students the flexibility to test at any location, online or on paper. All testing fees must be paid at the time of scheduling.

What happens if you fail TASC?

If you do not score enough points to pass the TASC™ test, either on a subtest (500) or in total (2500), then you must retake the tests. You are required to retake those specific sub tests on which you did not score at least 500 points.

Which is easier TASC vs GED?

TASC advantages But it is not all easier than the GED. Many students say that the Math portion of the TASC is more difficult than the math section of the GED test. The entire TASC exam (five subtests) will take around 8 hours to complete but you can take one (or more) of the subtests at a time.

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