What should you do when proofreading a routine document?

What should you do when proofreading a routine document?

Routine documents need a light proofreading. For both routine and complex documents, it is best to proofread from a printed copy, not on a computer screen. Most proofreaders use these standard marks to indicate revisions.

Why is it important to check your paper for errors?

It is extremely important to proof read your paper because errors in written works cause misunderstanding; the intent and meaning of the written word being changed can cause damage to the writer’s reputation. Remember, an excellently written paper can be the stepping stone to your success.

How do I get better at proofreading?

Tips For Effective ProofreadingProofread backwards. Place a ruler under each line as you read it. Know your own typical mistakes. Proofread for one type of error at a time. Try to make a break between writing and proofreading. Proofread at the time of day when you are most alert to spotting errors.Proofread once aloud.

How much should I charge for a 1000 word essay?

Here is a a concrete example: As an intermediate blogger charging $. 08 per word, you would get $80 for a 1,000 word article. If you outline, write, and edit it in two hours or less (which is quite reasonable!), this means you’ll earn at least $40 per hour.

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