What size are TOMS W8?

What size are TOMS W8?

Shoe size

Shoe size
M6/W8 38-39 5-6
M7/W9 39-40 6-7
M8/W10 41-42 7-8
M9/W11 42-43 8-9

Can you wear TOMS If you have wide feet?

I also enjoy the fact that you have the option of choosing a wide fit (which I usually wear) in BOBS while TOMS unfortunately does not offer a wide option, they simply recommend buying a size up if you have wider feet. First up, TOMS (they were $34.76 when purchased).

Should you buy TOMS a size smaller?

TOMSĀ® Shoes run true to size and are available in medium width only. We recommend ordering the size you normally wear in a casual or dress shoe. If you’re typically in-between shoe sizes, we recommend going with the smaller one since TOMSĀ® will stretch slightly as they’re broken in.

Do Toms wedges run true to size?

They are true to size. I wear an 8.5 and that fit great. The only thing I will say is there is cloth on the bottom of the shoe and that will wear off pretty quickly. It’s not a big deal, since there is a normal rubber bottom underneath that.

What does W7 mean in Toms?

W7 l LOCAL SIZE 37 — UK SIZE 5 — US SIZE 6. W8 l LOCAL SIZE 38 — UK SIZE 5.5 — US SIZE 6.5. W9 l LOCAL SIZE 39 — UK SIZE 6 — US SIZE 7.

What size is M9 in Toms?

Toms have the US size on the inside of their shoes. We sell items according to their UK size, though. UK 8 is an M9 in Toms.

Do TOMS run true to size?

Can Toms go in the washing machine?

You can hand wash your shoes or run them through the washing machine. Just make sure that you don’t put your canvas shoes in the dryer. When Toms or other canvas shoes go through the dryer the soles can become misshapen and soft, even if you use the lowest dryer setting.

Should I buy Toms a half size smaller?

How do I stop my Toms from smelling?

Sprinkle baking soda into your Toms to absorb odors overnight. This might not be ideal for dark colored Toms, as it may make a mess. Stuff your Toms with a balled up sheet of newspaper to absorb odor. Wipe the inner soles of your Toms with rubbing alcohol on a cloth to kill the funk causing bacteria.

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