What size is a 3/16 rivet?

What size is a 3/16 rivet?

Table 2.

Nom. Rivet Dia. Rivet No. Rivet Length ±0.015 in.
3/16 68 0.675
3/16 610 0.800
3/16 612 0.925
3/16 614 1.050

Can you rivet plastic?

Pop rivets are ideal for joining aluminium or even thin sheet plastic such as Perspex. Using a rivet gun involves drilling a hole through the two materials to be joined at the point you want to join them and inserting a rivet that has two parts; the pin and the rivet.

How strong is a 3/16 rivet?

Vendible Item

Diameter 3/16″
Minimum Shear Strength 260 lb
Minimum Tensile Strength 320 lb
Rivet Type Open End
Series AB6-4A

What are plastic drive rivets used for?

Plastic rivets are used in most things – from computers to panel fasteners in rockets. In most cases – not all – the rivet you use should have the same mechanical properties as the materials the rivets are intended to join.

What size hole do I drill for a 3/16 rivet?

Grip Range: 0.626 – 0.750 in. Head Diameter: 0.375 in. Hole Size: 0.192 – 0.196 in. Length: 0.950 in.

Can you pop rivet plastic to plastic?

Two manufacturers set the standard for plastic blind pop rivets and offer a variety of sizes and applications. Marson plastic rivets are used for fastening plastic to plastic, plastic to metal, and plastic to fiberglass, and are ideal in non-corrosive, non-conductive environments.

Can a pop rivet be too long?

Too long just means you have to operate the pop rivet gun until the “nail” breaks off. The answer is that pop rivets or “blind rivets” are always sold with a stated Grip Range. Just look on box or go to store and look at box, you will see the grip range of all the rivets they have for sale.

Is riveting as strong as welding?

No matter what you do, your rivets will be in plain sight. Last, but not least, generally, riveting is not as strong as welding. If you need the two parts to be capable of withstanding forces that draw the pieces apart, riveted joints will be more likely to fail compared to a properly welded joint.

Are plastic pop rivets strong?

Uses and Benefits of Plastic Pop Rivets However, today’s nylon rivets are incredibly sturdy, providing more tensile strength than aluminum. Because they aren’t metal, plastic pop rivets also offer corrosion resistance—important in applications in which moisture is a concern.

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