What to Look for When Choosing a Drum Stick for Electronic Drum Set?

What to Look for When Choosing a Drum Stick for Electronic Drum Set?

Drum stick is a very important element in the whole electronic drum set. Because this is the part of it which will be used to hit the drum to make the noise. You need to be extremely choosy while looking for the best drum stick for your drum set. If you want to choose the right pair of drum stick must check www.electronicdrumguy.com/drum-sticks-reviews/ also here we have given the top five factors to check before choosing a drumstick for yourself.

1. The tip

The tip of the drumsticks should be checked properly before buying one for you. There are several designs available for a drumstick like oval, teardrop and barrel-shaped. The pointed ones are more likely to make a robust sound. But if you hit your electronic drum set with the large tip then the volume will be more but the sound won’t be so much robust. And if you want to have the best drumstick for your electronic drum set then you should always choose the nylon ones because these are not hard on the drum throne.

What to Look for When Choosing a Drum Stick for Electronic Drum Set?

2. The shape

The shape of a drumstick is very much important in terms of comfort. You have to be extra careful while choosing the shape of your first drumstick. Because when you will play the drums you have to feel comfortable in your hands to hold the stick. This shape can be e round ones or the sleek ones. You can choose either of them according to your comfort level. The sticks can be flexible or stiffer and this should be decided by you as per your preference. So always choose the shape of your drumstick very carefully.

3. Numbering

Different numberings are available in the drum sticks and those indicate the shape and sizes of the sticks. You have to choose the number as per your comfort according to the size and shape of the drumstick. If you are a beginner in playing the drums then this numbering is a very important factor for you to choose your first stick to play.

4. Weight

You should always be careful about the weight of your drumstick because if you perform live or just starting to learn then you can feel a bit uncomfortable if you have a heavy drumstick. In that case, you will get tired very easily by playing for a few hours. So you should always choose the weight of your drumstick which will let you practice for long hours or play in front of audiences for a long time.

5. Colour and Finish

We all love choosing colours in all the items we possess and that is not different for drumsticks also. And you should also check the finishing of your drumstick to ensure that whenever you have a firm grip on it the finishing polish will let you hold it for a longer time and quite comfortably.

So these were top five factors you need to check before choosing a perfect drumstick for your electronic drum set learning experience. Then only you will be able to amplify your performance level to a great extent.

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