What type of color is Koleston Perfect?

What type of color is Koleston Perfect?

Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Presents The Color – Special Blonde.

Does Wella illUmina lighten hair?

Illumina Color is a permanent colour which can lighten, darken & enhance natural hair colour giving it a sheer natural looking result. Perfect first time experience for colour shy clients.

How do you use Wella illUmina?

To achieve a shine that’s luminous in every light, we recommend illUmina color in a mixing ratio of 1 : 1 : 1. 1 part illUmina color, 1 part 1.9 % color Touch emulsion and 1 part Wella care Post Treatment Service conditioner or System Professional color Save conditioner.

What is the difference between Koleston Perfect and Koleston Perfect Me+?

NEW KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ also requires no habit change for stylists as it features the same mixing ratio, the same development time and the same grey coverage, all enhanced with easier mixing, more precise application and an improved fragrance that offers a better experience for colorists and clients.

What developer do you use with Illumina?

Wella brand welluxon creme developer
You should use Wella brand welluxon creme developer with Illumina color (20 volume AKA 6% is the safest). It is the tall white bottle with a blue colored label here on Amazon. That developer is designed to work with Illumina dye, and is your best bet for achieving the greatest possible results and color.

Can you mix Illumina with koleston?

ILLUMINA Color is a permanent color that uses a 1:1 mix ratio with both Koleston Perfect and Color touch developers with no added complexity.

What developer do I use with Illumina?

Wella brand welluxon creme

Can you use color touch developer with Illumina?

In addition to typical permanent color services, ILLUMINA color can also be used to refresh mid lengths and ends when mixed 1:1 with Color Touch 1.9% developer and it can be used to offer clients a luxury glossing service when mixed in 1:1:1 with equal parts ILLUMINA Color, Color Touch 1.9% Developer, and Wella …

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