What would happen without RNA polymerase?

What would happen without RNA polymerase?

Gene expression is linked to RNA transcription, which cannot happen without RNA polymerase. This process, which begins with the transcription of DNA into RNA, ultimately leads to changes in cell function. Changes in transcription are thus a fundamental means by which cell function is regulated across species.

Does RNA polymerase need a promoter?

The binding of a multisubunit RNA polymerase (RNAP) or general transcription factors to a specialized transcription promoter DNA sequence is an essential step in initiating DNA transcription in all organisms (1, 2).

Why does RNA polymerase pause?

Abstract. RNA polymerase II (Pol II) pauses downstream of the transcription initiation site before beginning productive elongation. This pause is a key component of metazoan gene expression regulation. We propose that paused Pol II helps prevent new initiation between transcription bursts, which may reduce noise.

What happens when RNA polymerase reaches the termination signal?

When it catches up to the polymerase, it will cause the transcript to be released, ending transcription. Rho-independent termination depends on specific sequences in the DNA template strand. As the RNA polymerase approaches the end of the gene being transcribed, it hits a region rich in C and G nucleotides.

Which enzyme does not require a primer?

RNA polymerase II

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