When did Maeve Binchy die?

When did Maeve Binchy die?

July 30, 2012
Maeve Binchy/Date of death
Maeve Binchy, (born May 28, 1940, Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland—died July 30, 2012, Dublin), Irish journalist and author of best-selling novels and short stories about small-town Irish life.

Where did Maeve Binchy die?

Dublin, Ireland
Maeve Binchy/Place of death

When was a week in winter written?

A Week in Winter

First edition
Author Maeve Binchy
Genre Novel
Publisher Orion
Publication date November 2012

Where was Gordon Snell born?

Gordon Snell/Place of birth

Where was the Lilac Bus filmed?

Stephanie Beacham as Judy and Con O’Neill as Tom, in a scene from ‘The Lilac Bus’, a television drama broadcast by RTE on St Stephen’s Day 1990. This still was taken in a garden in Enniskerry, County Wicklow during filming in July 1990.

Is Stoneybridge Ireland a real place?

Stoneybridge (Scottish Gaelic: Staoinebrig) is a village on the island of South Uist in Scotland. The Crois Chnoca Breaca standing stone is situated to the west of the village.

Is there a sequel to a week in winter by Maeve Binchy?

A Week in Winter is a novel by the Irish author Maeve Binchy. It was published posthumously in 2012. It set a record for the most pre-orders ever for a book on Amazon.com….A Week in Winter.

First edition
Author Maeve Binchy
Preceded by Minding Frankie (2010)
Followed by Chestnut Street (2014)

Where did Maeve Binchy live in Dublin?

Binchy, 68, and her husband, the children’s book writer Gordon Snell, 76, live in a brick cottage built in 1847, on a winding road near the train station, several trendy restaurants and a traditional Irish pub that is often more convenient for meals than their diminutive kitchen.

When was the Lilac Bus made?

The Lilac Bus is a collection of eight interrelated short stories by the writer Maeve Binchy, first published in 1984.

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